Why do people feel the need to gloat after killing someone in PvP?

It’s just unbelievable, and it irritates me quite a bit. Why can’t some people just have some class and be respectful? Instead of saying “easy bounty” and then ranting about how bad I am since I have so few player kills.

That’s not what I play this game for? At least I’m not the one going around killing random people with the most meta builds and then pretend that I’m the best at the game afterward.

I know I’m gonna sound like a bitch because I’m complaining about it, but even if I were the best at PvP in the entire game I wouldn’t gloat about it and act like a cunt. That’s just so far away from how I would ever act to another person. So why do people act like this?

Rant over

It depends on the situation

  1. You tried to run
    if you tried to run and your complaining about them boasting, pls sthu. Honestly I commend any hunters that have the time to chase the target for 30 minutes without losing sight of them. I’d just give up.
  2. You teamed
  3. Your using a build or playstyle that’s considered no skill or annoying(thermo/boxing mosquito, iron leg berserker or warlord, warrior)
    Most people will clown on you if you lose with warrior or if you play like a mosquito.

I did none of those things.

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That’s just me. I’ll be angry if a bounty I’ve been searching for for longer than 20 minutes, finally find them, and then they log after running for another 30, or if I find my bounty and realize they are using a skill-less or annoying build like iron leg. Fuck you iron leg users.

If I kill my enemy and they dont get a chance to run/just fight back I’ll say GG with no problems. It’s the dudes that say EZ for no reason that I can see being annoying.

There’s no way this is a common occurrence, normal people should have a reason to be mean.

I suppose some people just feel the need to pull themselves up, while putting other people down. Oh well.

Or if you’re in a clan and you try to claim their island.

The easiest way to avoid this though is to just get better at PVP, it’s not that hard to start trying.

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Adding to what key said, It’s best to ask some good players here for tips and 1v1s so you can learn firsthand.

I just did a good few matches vs warrior (Boxi’s warrior too) and it’s a very annoying class to fight. What mattered most though is that I learned how to fight some warriors more effectively.


well I gloat because I have a giant ego and no respect for other people

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I gloat if someone has been talking trash/running away

If they run away, don’t fight back, or if I hate their build. Anything that I’d consider real bitch (insert n to the I to the double g a word here) shit because I don’t want to waste time hunting runners

I’m black btw, but forum doesn’t like my race exclusive word

I’ve also seen my fair share of people gloating after winning. I don’t have an answer as to why, but this community seems to be getting a bit more toxic. It’s part of the reason why I try to avoid PVP, most people just aren’t civil and mature.

People love to feel superior to others

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