Why do random pfps glow in topics

Not glowing:

Is Glowing:

It seems like it’s only the topic creator that gets the glow, but only sometimes?
Anyone care to explain this?
(At the time I took this, there was only Eternal and I online)

op (original poster) pfp glows

explain bnt’s topic here then

most recent poster pfp glows not op :skull: :skull:

ethereal is the most recent poster, his pfp will glow if he’s one of the most frequent users to reply on the thread

Glowing means that they’re currently active
If it’s off then that means they’re either afk or not on the tab

pretty sure he’s talking about a particular white outline on a designated category link and not the green outline that tells whether a person has the forum site on their browser or not :fr:

oh the white outline
i thought he was talking about the green one

That was an example of it not glowing, showing that it doesn’t always happen for the topic creator