Why do us exist?

:frcryin: what is life except to do a little jig and die

god looked to one of it angels and talked:hey wanna play the sims?


Fixed grammar mistake for yah!

And um… we exist because we just happen to exist. Now that, is the meaning of life.

cuz u playing a game called Earth Online which has 7.6 billion players


how dare you

Life can be weird
We started randomly with different race, talent, and status and then it’s about our adventure and how we decide our life to make it better or worst

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It’s a botted game :mariomug:

Not gonna lie, the game’s unbalanced like for example the ones that lives in the lowest level of the sea floor, they’re doing too much no life and acquired OP stats unlike the ones that lives in the surface.

The devs needs to do some balancing.

exist is because yes

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i exist to eradicate all chikens.