Why do we need file name selection anymore?

The name you choose will no longer be shown above your head, nor will it be shown in chat at any point. Unless I missed something, it seems like your character’s name will not appear at any point in the game. Vetex said the only reason he didn’t scrap the feature entirely was for file naming.

But why do we even need file naming? Why can’t we just use “File 1”, “File 2”, etc. It seems like having thousands of names to choose from just for naming files is useless. If naming files is really necessary, it would be simpler if we could just use a text field. The reason we couldn’t enter a custom name in WoM is that they don’t want ppl walking around with absurd names. However, if it’s just a file name it doesn’t matter. I personally think it would be easier if file naming was either scrapped or replaced by a text box.

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I forgot about the “previously owned” UI for items, but that’ll probably be changed too. Same with whatever replaces Magius News.


seeing either usernames or character names should just be a setting imo, people with good recording software (shoutout to medal and shadowplay) would be able to catch exploiter names in person and in the player list

another idea: make npcs use your name, dont overuse it though. for example some npcs could start talking about rumors on you during certain parts of the story, or during cutscenes there can be conversations


Likely not since it already shows the username in brackets.

Eh, so-so. Magius News really wouldn’t have a reason. Everything that’s been changed are stuff you look at on the regular to get a feel for your situation, which is why all of it was changed to avoid confusion. Changing Magius News would be consistent but it wouldn’t really matter because that’s specifically just a feature for fun and not a necessary feature for information.

cus it’s already an implemented feature which would be pointless to remove/adjust, it’s purpose is to name ur file and it achieves that perfectly fine


You are a new player. You join the game for the first time and create a file. You find that you have to select a name from a list of thousands. You are impressed with the RP capabilities of this game. After creating the file, you join the game and find that the name you picked appears nowhere in-game and is entirely pointless. The end.

IMO if a feature is made useless by other changes it should be scrapped.


nobody thinks of the RP capabilities when naming their character. it’s just a way for u to name ur file, it’s better than it being File 1, File 2, and File 3 imo. ur looking way too deep into it

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not true

but i don’t think having your character’s name splayed everywhere matters that much for someone who wants to roleplay regardless

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You should see Robobitch Odyssey and the several series in writing category


everyone knows forum users aren’t real people


now you is just joking

Because I said so :cold_face:

Also naming is what makes files more unique. I also like both creating my files as in-depth characters with personality and needs and for roleplaying (Don’t crucify me please.)

Feel that removing file name selection discourages players from making any more out of their character than just an avatar.

file names should be removed with the name being replaced with whatever main story quest you’re doing or smth

Why remove them? It will just make the development of the game more problematic and postpone the game, plus, if someone is thinking about all the roleplaying capabilities of a game before they have even started it, I doubt the name not showing above your head will stop them fro

If so all immersivity when reading the news will be entirely annihilated.

Yeah I feel a custom name would be lovely, would help with remembering files.

cuz its cool