Why does Argos' armor even give intensity?

From a logical point of view, Argos wouldn’t need intensity since it doesn’t benefit warlord at all.
Even with the potential rework making thermo and sailor fist better with it, Argos doesn’t even use a fighting style which would have a bar (Brute strength).

It would make sense if intensity made strength imbuements better somehow but ultimately it’s just kind of a disappointing that Argos’ set sucks with the build he’s iconic for.

Welcome to the club…?

the rework will lower attack cooldowns, so he could benefit from that, and he does like spamming that big aoe move

intensity will eventually be reworked to be lower cooldown stat which fits acceptably into his lore but, I personally would rather see Argos armor be defense-agility as it makes much more sense lore wise.

Argos is an intense man

It’s because the icon is a picture of a fist. He saw it and said “I need that”

nah not agility cause apparently def/agi would be too much of a problem to balance, we dont want running tanks