Why does Carina come after Argos?

I mean, come on. Carina is just some lucky noble who got to learn martial arts under the care of the order.

Argos is a literal legend, a war general and a bloody BEHEMOTH in terms of physical strength. Not only is his feats almost a hundred times higher than Carina in every way, but the MC manages to beat him.

We 1v1 Argos in the heart of Fort Talos, kill him, our fight causes the fortress to collapse and we still manage to escape unscathed after all of that.

How does Carina after everything still have the guts to appear infront of the MC? It’s literally akin to suicide.

It wouldve made more sense if she came after Elius for example, not only is she that easy- but she’d still be overconfident and underestimate the MC because all we did so far wouldve been “beating her younger and weaker brother”

argos is old

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Ok? He is old but his attacks are still capable of causing literal earth quakes with massive AOEs. He would snap Carina in half like a kit-kat.

Theres no way in hell Argos would still be a general if he was that weak, not to mention he uses “Strength-Weapons” that arent wieldable by the average human being.

Argos was really old and well past his prime at that point, and I guess one of carina’s personality traits is overconfidence in her own abilities. She’s also not only driven by loyalty to the order but partially driven by emotion/revenge, which is seen if you kill elius instead of spare him

And ig it’s just one of those situations where a boss is weaker than the ones that came before them



it’s literally just that argos is incredibly old , he’s not a magic user so it’s not like Theos where his vitality is sustained

he is quite genuinely just a really beefy old dude

not damage tho :fr:

argos is old and has none of that magic preservation

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He’s still easily stronger than Carina even if old.

Not to mention that this point makes no sense since she still appears even if we spare Elius, it makes no sense for her to appear after Argos.

There should still be some sort of common sense still left in her, no? How does she decide that the best course of action after what the MC does to Argos & Fort Talos ON THEIR OWN is to directly confront us??

overconfidence , her main character trait

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Theres a difference between overconfidence and suicidal tendencies. Its reasonable when theres a close power-gap or something else that gives them a REASON to be overconfident.

This is literally just almost braindead behavior on her part.

I just wish that carina and maybe elius had some more fucking context or development

she just randomly appears with 0 mention beforehand of her existance, then fucking dies

Neither of them does damage therefor this point is invalid.

she probably thought argos’ old age made him weak and that she’d be bale to win

As an officer of the Order and an incredibly skilled martial artist, us beating

  • her younger brother (who is simply an agent of the Order)
  • an old dude long, long past his prime with no magical energy to sustain the strength he once held

isn’t really that alarming. it’s the same reason Calvus thought he could win against us. the experimentation we underwent before the events of the story awakened something inside of us that allows us to become far, far more powerful than any typical person at a far, far faster rate.


Nah man, imagine you were in Carina’s place. Literally legendary warrior that’s respected even by curse users gets 1v1’d, loses, and their fight causes a WHOLE FORTRESS to collapse before escaping from the bronze legion on their own and unscathed.

Would you still pick a fight???

argos is like 75, i don’t think they’re a legendary warrior anymore

I like this reply, sort of similar but atleast explains it from the MC’s pov too.

But I still think it’s dumb she comes after Argos, itd be ALOT better plot wise if she comes before him instead.

here’s the thing. the only information Carina really had on the destruction of Fort Talos was that it was a two-man job, which it was. Morden may not have been there for our fight with Argos, but she could reasonably infer that Morden would have helped us during the confrontation. a 2v1 against a relatively weak character shouldn’t be causing alarm bells to blare for her, realistically.

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old man casually causes fortress to collapse:

carina could’ve just thought we bombed the place