Why does every tiny guild want to war noble

i just noticed tons of small weak and edggy guilds try to war noble for no reason or atliest plan to can you tell me why you think they do this?

Because everybody wants clout. With no official guild system in place the only stat to measure guilds right now is just community clout, so the smaller guilds tryna get a piece. All guilds are still shit tho :wink:

cause everyone hates noble

The only good guilds are groups of people who play the game for the sake of having fun.
Guilds that exist for literally no reason but to screw with other players for little to no reason are bad.


the only good guild is obama guild


I don’t think any of us have a problem with it to be honest? I mean at one point we were asking people to war us because the game is really boring currently, I don’t see a problem with it to be honest :man_shrugging:

The reason is obvious

Noblle sex

That sounds like something Obama would say

but you see, he isn’t Obama, its in his name

im pretty sure phoenix knights doesnt want to fight noble, theyre way in over their heads about their victory against auroxide’s guild: the exalted.

I know this sounds crazy but here me out...

What if he is secretly Obama and he set his name to NotObama to trick us into thinking he isn’t Obama

Who knows, maybe they just want to kill themselves.
And good fucking grief, that’s a good thing.
One less guild to be salty about.

because noble is fucking shit and toxic, they have members such as azlx and tons of others

I don’t know man, most of our guild members just make funny jokes and comedy crap but these people think our posts are serious and so they become toxic or serious as well. It’s also sad that one can’t understand or take a simple joke. 441982742620667904

We are marginally less toxic than the people who’ve we dealt with. :pensive:
Most of the times, we aren’t really fighting for no reason.

Thing is most people dont understand your jokes because they’ve gone on for months and arent jokes anymore, a joke goes on for at max a week.
Some of your members seem to have taken your jokes too far and seriously.

That’s a pretty unique reason. Although in short, we are just hated.

off to the gulags with this one

Cuz they ASS and have no idea how powerful noble truly is.

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