Why does nobody like Promethean fire?

Self-explanatory title, but why does nobody like it anyway?

honestly the same reason nobody likes god glove in slap battles.

obnoxiously bright and really unbalanced for the sake of being unbalanced.

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aethereal fire:

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yeah but I can imagine aethereal fire being somewhat balanced or more reasonable to fight.

promethean fire just sounds OP for the hell of it and that’s kinda cringe :grimacing:

I like it

I guess it’s becausw its the rarest, most powerful magic by lore. So people say those who want it are dumb cringe and they should choose another, e.g. scorch or inferno :/

“For the hell of it” sounds like you don’t even understand the point of promethean fire.
It’s like the magic of the gift giver. The idea that players could have it was kinda stupid. Morocks blessing and sword were good Ideas for how to incorporate it into a players power set. (ignoring the grind and encouragement to screw others over to actually get them.)
Though I would say it probably ran its course in AA as that story prominently featured Prometheus


what do you mean “nobody like”?

Outside of Apocalypse Bringer it was the most Basic Bitch Ancient Magic you could choose for your loadout, before it got removed from the trello (and rightfully so, it was super boring). Every heat-related magic main worth even a speck of their own salt would plan to run it.

And by “Basic Bitch”, I mean it in every sense of the word. This thing was just “white fire”. Probably acted just like current fire, just that someone happened to submerge it in paint. Nothing special about it. Just hotter.

tl;dr: Blaze Magic best heat-based magic
get the ownage


I like to call it. Marry Sue magic. It’s not quite the perfect descriptor but like it would just be the objective best magic. Strength wise

That’d be inferno but yeah essentailly it’s fire with every fiery thing pumped up to 11

its lame its like saying yeah i want another lost/ancient magics thats just a shitty dot damage magic

fire magics in general are boring
Slash magic gravity magic are the best objectively

I agree here but like canonically it does makes some sense a lot of the powerful magics are fire seeing Prometheus gave humans fire in actual myth.

edit* quoted the wrong part lol

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I like it within the lore, I think its origin and concept are really interesting

I Just disliked the possibility of it being in the game


its literally bleached out fire with every status effect because yes

there was no real appeal ingame

lorewise sure but the lore doesn’t matter all that much in the gameplay which is what all the players will be focusing on

why would it be op tho
i think it wouldve been like a randomizer magic that inflicts a random status effect every time it hits
but the projectile would be that magic too

like projectile 1: (its always white) has the properties of water and inflicts soaked
then #2: poison → makes a poison cloud, doesnt react with soak and inflicts poisoned
#3: fire → x0.05 more damage since (soaked) -0.1 and (poisoned) +0.15 and it also lights the cloud on fire
#4 is ice, reacts with fire, etc.

people hating on it when it nonexistent in the game make a lot of sense

I think people are hating on the concept of the magic.

there was deadass like one sentence written about it

not to mention that sentence had an alright concept of “every spell type inflicts a different fire magic effect” which would be the most balanced way to combine the fire effects (assign whatever spell type fits a certain fire the most the specific fire magic)

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