Why don't weapons and fighting styles have a move at level one

it kinda sucks having to use m1’s for these only for a time, it’s really not that big a time frame but still kinda annoying. (also in general that fighting styles just needs more points in general, atleast from what i remember)

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They have m1s but i get your point
A ranged ability would be great

yeah imo they should just have the first ability at the start like magic.

you could abuse the mobility of crash and grabs without even spending any points on their respective stats
at least im pretty sure that was the reasoning behind it, but now strength should have the same unlock requirements as magic

not necessary for weapons as you already get 3 skills at level 10, thatd be overkill to start with that at level 1

weapons i’m fine with, but yeah strenght is just killed for no reason :frowning:

also, wdym? doesn’t the movement of crash and grabs get gutted if you are outside of combat??

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Crash and teleport moves like flash strike go full distance even out of combat

why tho

I know it’s because of being able to abuse teleport/crash abilities, but it feels weird, since while Magic doesn’t have a M1, you still get to create any skill you please.

Maybe Weapons could have a standard “Leaping Slash” esq skill unlocked by default? Distance being gutted out of combat, but not a grab, so it could still be helpful around Shura and Iris.

you already get 3 weapon skills by the time you reach shura, unless you fucked up your stats. m1s are the best against those weak jaws pirates and other enemies you fight before him, so really weapons have it super easy early on

in fact id even argue weapons are the easy mode early on and for the entire story so far. arguably calvus might be easier with magic cuz by that time your blasts are giant and the arena is huge, but for the rest weapons are so good

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