Why is it called Epicenter

I dont see how it is epic
Very scary actually


This is peak forums.
We physically cannot get further than this topic.
None shall be better.


I don’t know man, looks pretty lame to me


I think it’s not “epic” but “epi”
so you know Prometheus right? the “pro” supposedly means before. I think there’s also a god in greek mythlogy called “Epimetheus”, with “epi” meaning after.
So the best guess I can make is that “epi” “center” is the center that was formed after durza made his flashy nuclear magic bomb.

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ep ice nter
and yet, it’s not even cold
how disappointing

ur my 2nd favourite forumer now

epic enter but it’s so rare it’s like it doesn’t even want you to enter

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Epic enter?

wasnt expected learning greek knowledge today

wasnt disappointed

it’s actually epic enter

it’s actually e-pic enter
this means that it’s supposed to contain a lot of digital pictures of the fantasy creatures known as ents
sadly, it doesn’t, since it’s a disappointment


In real life an epicenter is the point on the earth’s surface vertically above the place in the ground where an earthquake occured, because the prefix epi- can mean above. The Dark Sea’s epicenter is supposedly where Theos and Durza’s fight took place (I can’t remember whether this is canon or speculation though), so that is probably why it is called the epicenter.

It’s cuz that’s where it is said to have started