Why is regen considered so good?

Balance cord likes regen for some reason. I personally don’t because it turns the game into a no hit challenge if you aren’t running regen (I’m not ruining my set for that)

it’s not even working rn idk why everyone upvoted it lmao

Every pvphead loves the no hit challenge I guess

Currently its not working, but the current in-battle-regen is so low, that regen stat is good because of that

The poll was about the implementation I’m pretty sure. I wish regen just didn’t exist and we had the old system

Honestly true, right now, it feels like you have no regen while in combat, so you cant wait it out a bit till you have a little bit more hp to tank 1 more hit

undertale and touhou players: ‘hold my beer’

Regen is good?

Last I checked, it was more of a waste of stats than it was potential meta.

I just wish that we never go back to defence gives regen

this caused a huge issue because if you’re not running enough power, it’s fundamentally not possible to beat defence

imagine if you will, someone regenerates 25 health a tick. this would be an issue, since in 8 seconds they heal 200 and assuming you don’t run much power you’d only be dealing around 200-250 with stuff like piercing shot. Now, this already makes a terrible situation because now you can’t fundamentally win without mindlessly spamming attacks at them like someone trying to use thermo fist, and in this scenario you’d be left extremely open to taking lots of damage, all because you’re not running 70+ power.

However, even if you can manage to slowly out-dps their healing, with defence this means you not only have to hit much more often to outpace regen, but also hit much, much more to actually win. And that makes pvp just rock paper scissors with a steel wall and a gun, because if you don’t run either of those, you will lose, as just a fundamental fact.


I dont think anyone likes its just the meta rn

Thanks for the detailed explanation, but as it seems, the balance team completely gutted hp regen (as they love to do)

I dont know why vetex doesnt outright make regen a flatrate per level for everyone instead of making everyone have different regen rates, and also remove the other new stats (they are not good at all)