Why is there only 5 islands in Nimbus sea?

Its the only reason and i just realised it :sob:

congratulations you have unlocked nimbus exp farm

If only someone had mentioned that legendary charts work perfectly because there are 5 islands, allowing you to get the exploration task for all of them. Such a shame that it was not at all mentioned on the same day that the update came out.

if only npcs in the nimbus sea weren’t level 300

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Max I’ve seen is 260 and their not that hard, at least as a mage

Unless it is a metal mage somewhere on the ship, where you can’t run.

Yet no Nimbus explorer yet when you 100% all available islands :pensive:

cause not all the Nimbus islands have been added

the level 260 poison ash fire mage:

sure, u may need to run away a couple times, but still doable if u have the space

the 125 musket using warrior as a quartermaster:

Just another way for me to somehow get another sea explorer 3 times due to technicalities.

Can NPCs use Surge tho :thinking:

So far the only rare abilities I have seen npcs using was selino