Why isn't the Knight build viable as the others?

Compared to all the other classes, the Knight class just feels underwhelming in terms of its damage.

Even the other Vitality Hybrid classes can compensate against the decreased damage scaling:

  • Juggernauts: They can utilize Focus and focus on different fighting styles with high damage scaling such as Iron Leg. While not on part with Berserkers, it’s still viable.
  • Paladins: They can maximize their damage with status effect multipliers. While not to the extent of pure Mages, it’s still a viable build.

Knight’s can’t compensate for the decreased damage AT ALL. And with the added (or soon to be added) balance patch that decreases the scaling of the Power stat AS WELL.

As a way to work around this, I thought of the usage of the Drawback stat. Reading a bit on this in the Wiki, I thought it would work perfectly. Where it would take 1% of my current HP and use that inside the damage calculation.

The issue? A 2,595 HP and 3 drawback (3%). It only increased my damage by about 11. That’s it.

Knights simply can’t compete, and I’m confused by it.

Weird, usually people say that knight is objectively better when compared to warrior

If you make it into a glass cannon build, with little to no defense, it would be. As you’d hit nearly as hard as a warrior while tanking far more hits than a glass cannon warrior would.

But that’ll be nerfed soon. So I’m trying to find the optimal Knight build now.

I guess I’ll just wait.

You’ve forgot to factor in that these two builds lose key components that theyr pure counterparts (Mage & Berserker) excel in, including the following;

  • Pulsar
  • Higher Tiers
  • Axe Slash
  • Having a larger 2nd FS/Magic Kit

On the other hand, Knight doesn’t lose parts that make it’s kit viable, we have access to everything except STD, Vindicator, Triasta & Sunken Staff, which can arguably be ignored, as you still have viable options such as Greenwish Cultist Staff, Rapier, Sunken Sword, Kai’s Sabre, Scimitars of Storm, etc.

Knight is a better warrior because we can make up for it’s damage loss with certain armour builds, have significantly more hp, and still have a fully useable kit. Warrior also doesn’t have access to ekrix.

For the record, this is coming from the PoV of a Paladin Main who’s second file is Juggernaut. :sunglasses:

You get the best reflex

Also upcoming regen stat that vitality gives (every 100hp given by vitality increase hp regen/sec by 1, pretty sure)

Why do you think Knights even need to compensate their low damage? They rely on attack size (+33% size aura as first awakening) and defense, and with upcoming regeneration and resistance stats they will be even tougher nut to crack. Using drawback on any Vitality build is a huge mistake. As long as it scales with your hp and not with dealt damage as it should be, drawback is a stat for glass cannons