Why mobile should be implemented (trust me)

okay, so. listen. mobile users be complaining about why WoM isn’t optimised for mobile. but, us PC players have a reason too! BANK ALTS

im pretty sure vetex mentioned never having mobile support because there would be way too many buttons on the screen at one time

edit: also just double instance roblox to use bank alts lol

yeh ik vetex said so, if u didnt get it this was a shitpost

PFFFT, too many buttons on the screen? Try me. I can get use to any controls on mobile in hours. Too many buttons he says. You don’t know who you’re talking to, I have played with more than 12 buttons at once :sunglasses:

You shouldn’t really shitpost on forums.

i flagged this post for off topic n it got restored sooooo yea xd

Bruh if you think WoM would have too many things on your screen look at the stupid steam link mobile app thing and play terraria on that…

You can easily get a bank alt on the same game as you by having the roblox app aswell. Heres a tutorial on how to do it.

Step 1. Go into your computer’s search bar and type Roblox. It should show you the app with a red symbol.

Step 2. Log into your alt account.

Step 3. Go back to your web browser and join world of magic on your main account.

Step 4. Go back (again) to your roblox app and join your main account.

Boom, now you can transfer the money to your other account.

why would the game implement something that heavily favors a single platform

Also why add it when low end pcs can’t even run the game very well. Your phone maybe won’t even handle it.

You also have to consider how much more badly lag will be on mobile. On top of that, there’s going to be a lot of GUI onscreen along with buttons for your different spells as well. Very Very Cool Of You to be able to play games with more than 12 buttons but I’m quite sure they aren’t going to be as hard to play as WoM on mobile.

Get the roblox app on your computer and then get the download from online.

7 spell types, 10 items (5 magics, 3 weapons, 2 tools), run button, jump button, super jump button, block button, eventual flaunt button (Y)… Did I miss any? That’s 22 right. I could also mention fighting styles but they might not be an item and only be usable when nothing is equipped.
Also try aiming your spells too. Either you cant move the camera while aiming or you can only aim at the middle of the screen, both makes it much harder than on pc anyway.

If you could implement a mouse and a keyboard on your phone or tablet, this difficulty wouldn’t be a thing, i saw that these things are possible.

Possible, but do you think the great majority of the roblox community could even remotely do that? Why add that for such specific people.

Little did he know…

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