Why nobody uses glass magic?

Like, I saw only one paladin who used glass (he also dealt 500 damage with double beam) and also one warlock.

I always find the ones that only deal bleeds (Metal, Glass, Wood) are the least used, with metal being the most used between them

That, and them being visually unappealing

pvp players do its good for pvp. but its one of the less flashier magics so I don’t imagine many casuals picking it.

I also have a glass paladin :person_shrugging:


Bleed magics are relatively unused as Zipher said, mainly because weapons exist.
Glass Conjurer on the other hand, is very funny due to the immense amount of bleed it causes.

My rival uses it.
Insane damage.

I made the mistake of having my first rival be a savant. He dealt a truckload of damage with poison clouds, would magic which is just really op, and then would also shoot me with guns and use his fighting style on me (i forgo what it was)

probably because it’s loud enough to cause permanent hearing damage if you use it for more than 5 minutes

ironically I had a glass magic file, but i built it to a warrior, might make it a second magic for another file somewhere along the line

Yo where are all the sand mages at

it’s super faint

i have a friend who runs sand conj

dw my sand savant will become meta the moment i eat the fruit of knowledge along with 2nd awakening

nah i’ve used it. it is strong if you know what you’re doing

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I see some people that go it on second for the arcanium

Cool as a concept, but ugly and applies bleed like 3 or so other magics

Most people just probably aren’t used to such an abstract concept like glass and thus they’re unsure to pick it up due to the unfamiliarity of it

And opt to pick more familiar or flashy things like plasma or lightning

It’s a solid magic (literally and figuratively) but I assume most people just overlook it because it’s a little random of a choice

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I’m a sand conj

i find Glass magic pretty boring to use and wtf are vetex are thinking when he think of making this magic