Why people should stop saying AO is a deepwoken copy

A brief summary on all of the headasses who “jokingly” say things about why AO is inspired by deepwoken or some stupid shit.

Reason one: the trolls


Now that we have the 3 paragraph summary of trolls out of the way, its time for the next reason, that being the combat and pvp of both games.

Reason two: PVP and PVE


With how stupid rogue was with its P2W mechanic and races, they at least came up with some way to balance out races so they arent too detrimental to the game. Although, there are still many PW2 mechanics in the game

Reason 3: P2W bs


Lastly, i’d like to explain the mechanics and how AO has more creativity than another cheap roblox rogue spinoff excused for being “ground breaking in the roblox community”, and how AO can, and possibly will, surpass this.

Reason 4: DW grasping for potential


Thanks for reading through my rant lol, hope you guys learned something or at least allowed me to change your mind in some way. Im hoping that AO will be fun in the future with cool mechanics. Kind of regret buying deepwoken with what happened to me recently, but its fine now lol.

With all of this out of the way, just one last message for all you cool people out there who listened to me:




Completely agree :nod: :+1:


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why people should stop making the same topics and complaining about a minimal problem that several others already have

maybe if you realized how superior AO is to DW then you’ll realize, kid.

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shut up you fools all of your garbage Sea Exploration games when all of your trash roblox MMOs pail in comparison to the true original Sea-Based MMO that all you scrubs made cheap china ripoffs of,

Pirates of the Caribbean Online



That man thing…it terrifies me

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This topic is true because

i dont believe anyone over the age of 12 unironically believes that AO stole from deepwoken or anything

Incredibly based

I’m honestly hoping for a deepwoken themed april fools event.
It’d be funny.


Everybody becomes a Felinor and gets marketed off in the slave trading business

Deepwoken april fools patch notes:

all sharko now have white eyes :nod: