Why the hell is Ancient Hall so dark?

I spent 20 fucking minutes trying to find a way out of ancient hall. I’m so angry it about it now because I bought 900~ galleons worth of cargo so I could multitask, but I ended up having to reset and lose all my cargo.

Why does it have to be so dark? Don’t say some dumbass bullshit like “for exploration” I’m just trying to get my fucking awakening not get stuck in some pitch black cave for 20 minutes

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it’s a cave

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you couldn’t find the exit for 20 minutes?

I had 40k ping so


And also, it’s not that easy especially since the torch is so laggy

Use waist lantern
Please, your hurting me

kid named torch

You can also stand in one of the corners and jump around until you see “shell island” at the top of your screen. The room will light up for a second to adjust to the shell island atmosphere and the Shell Island OST will play, so you could see what’s going on for a little second. That’s how I found my way out lmao

turn down your graphics and youll be able to see

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