Why the sailor chests was removed?

Why all the sailor chest was removed suddenly?

All chests except for normal ones have been removed like a month ago.

Proposed Looting Related Changes

Yesterday I had the realization that looting regular chests in this game is nowhere near as satisfying as it was in AA or even World of Magic, and after thinking about it some more, I think I have an idea on how to improve it

Right now there are tons of different chest types, each with their own tiers, like Food Crates, Ingredient Bags, etc. When looting islands in the regular sea, or structures in the Dark Sea right now, you see these kinds of chests and think “oh great trash”, because you know all you’re going to get from those chests is food, reagents, sail patterns etc. Whereas in AA/WOM, every chest had a chance of giving pretty much any item, so it was always exciting to open even regular chests. That feeling is still kind of present in AO with the regular chests, silver chest, and golden chest, but those are pretty rare right now since there are so many other kinds of chests that take up the spawning chance.

Vote now for how you think this should be changed:
These proposed changes would not affect Sealed Chests of any kind, only regular chests

:one: - (My proposal) Remove all the excess chest types such as Ingredient Bags and Food Crates, and put all their drop chance within regular chests, silver chests, and golden chests. This would mean that opening a golden chest has a chance of giving high tier treasure charts, enchantment scrolls, high tier cannonballs, items, etc. instead of just gems and an item chance as it has right now. This would even improve looting regular chests, since instead of just galleons and a rare chance of an item, there would also be a chance of food, a common treasure chart, and whatever else. (If this gets enough votes, this change would be added in a hotfix over the next few days)

:two: - Keep the chests how they are right now

:three: - Either option is fine, I don’t have a preference

I also have some other looting related ideas/improvements that I plan to add in hotfixes, but this is the only one I feel like needs a vote. (I’ll add the voting reactions a bit after this message is sent so people read through it properly)

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