Why you should vote for sourskittles made by Skhan

While everyone are making posts about why you should vote for them I will do that AND show why you should NOT vote for them but SourSkittles instead

1.Srtolrtus Not only is this discount poopposter trying to be offtopic presdient but this CORRUPT, EVIL PERSON is trying to do THIS

  1. i will unban mal, sister and donk
  2. i will send people to the shadow realm for necrobumping
  3. i will give neko mod
  4. i will flex on everyone bcus yes
    and those are my 5 reasons
    As can be seen here
    Tell me something do you want sister back? I thought not and you might be saying he will free donk HOWEVER

    Donk doesn’t hecking exist so this is BLANTENT lying how can you trust such a person, who will lie, and manipulate to be president

As for the second one, tell me you haven’t accidently necrobumped at least once but he won’t give you a second chance he will yeet you. As for third, please if Neko had mod Wom would look like this
Lastly 4 and 5 are just blatant corruption

2.Inferno. As for him the reason he wants people to vote for him are as follows

  1. im a funny man

  2. deepwoken good

  3. i dont play on easy mode

  4. woomy

  5. i aint impostor yall just vote me because I’m red

  6. No you aren’t, you are the LEAST funny man I have seen
    2.Y’know I can’t dispute that fair point but is it the best?
    3.Prove it
    4.Go back to @prodigy basement you squid
    5.That’s what the killer would say

Don’t vote for this man he is basically mat the bat squid version and all his reasons are stupid vote for TheSourSkittles instead also he doesn’t capitalize his I yeah I know you grammar Nazi people hate him now vote for sour

3.AnUnnamedBoi. First off why would you vote for this man? He has a criminal sentence pending, you are basically voting for a soon to be criminal. Second off you can’t trust a man that doesn’t have a name. If he doesn’t trust you with his name you shouldn’t trust him with offtopic. Last but not least what happens if his sentence does hit when he is in power? You would be left without a leader that would cause chaos. Now here are HIS reasons

  1. I’m actually reasonable, unlike certain other candidates
  2. i check the forums every 5 minutes
  3. i’m a decent person, unlike certain other candidates
  4. i relate to the people of off-topic
  5. g a t e k e e p
  6. boundless is a better game than deepwoken
    Time to poop on all of these
  7. Really now, I am sure a reasable man would be sent to trial
    2.I can’t dispute this
    3.Blantent lying now are we? I guess I can say I am god now
    4.Since when
    5.What the hell does this mean
    6.I have nothing to say to this

Not only is it hard to pronounce this wannabes name he is a trigger happy cop as seen in this ancient post

Also, do you really know Vit? Do you really? I thought not. So vote for sour skittles easy to pronounce and won’t shoot down a town like it was a school

5.Tellurian, this is a terrible choice for a multitude of reasons one of which is that he would rather fish for a hour then do anything productive.

Imagine this man being President “Sir Tellurian the mongols are attacking” “Quite idiot can’t you see I am busy FISHING here”
Next as seen in this photo Tellurian is a hecking demon
The photo speaks for itself so vote for sourskittles please do

5.Obama. Not only did he fail to do anything he stated he would do he has the gall to run again after not doing a single thing he said he would? UNBELIEAVABLE NOT ONLY THAT HE IS IN NOBLE
Now I am not saying Noble is bad but what would happen if a member of Noble became president? I will tell you, he will increase the tax be 1 MILLION FOLD he will take your wife and kids DO NOT VOTE FOR THIS MAN vote for sourskittles instead

Now why you should vote for Sour Skittles

  1. i make bad decisions, look at my forums pfp
  2. I dont start drama unless its r34
  3. i am the only meme paper user on the forums
  4. Skhan is boss
  5. destroy woomy
  6. i am gamer with my over 1k hours on terraria
  7. Terraria > Boundless > Deepwoken
    After all these amazing reasons surely you would vote for sour now for the presidential posters, also if you voted for anyone but Sour please do pull out your vote and give it to skittle


    Now please do vote for Sour thank you and also @Robotstics PUT IT INTO THE POLL PUT IT NOW

Also I will give a cookie to anyone who votes just reply if you did


what the hell

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Don’t ask just believe

bro you literally typed a whole essay lmao

Had to be done, if you vote for sour I will give cookie though :cookie:

This is blatant SLANDER against me!
I am NOT a CORRUPT and EVIL person!
Those are PERFECTLY FINE reasons to become PRESIDENT!

Listen, you aren’t winning anyway. If you vote for sour right now I will give cookie and I will make you look SLIGHTLY better

politics these days :fr:

I see you voted for sour in poll here cookie have a good day :cookie:

i only voted sour because inferno is a joke and srtoleous wants to bring donk and mal back. btw thanks for the cookie :cookie:

i aint a joke smh smh

You forgot to capitalize I again :clown_face:

bro i have to use perfect grammar omg im so sorry!!!

Yes please do be very sorry much thanks much good here is a cookie :cookie:

Alright we are losing by a whole 20 percent so time to get on my hands and knees and beg for them votes also here a cookie :cookie:

do you mean quiet

I don’t wanna go through my 5 page essay looking for a single word so I will assume I did mean quiet much sorry

okey dokey then

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…Tellurian going after the leading candidate’s campaign. This is an interesting development

how long did this take you