Wide Putin

And it gets more wide and wide as you raise the sails and then press R again.


wait what?
i thought i was the only one with that bug?
also it seems client sided because other people cant see it (ive asked them)

Why does one have 93K on their person

I have like 120k that I just carry in galleons it’s not like it’s weighing me down

i have like 173k its not that bad

That happened to me, but it wasnt that severe. The sails streched a bit farther than normal, but you wouldnt know unless you pay attention. I bet its happened to loads of people, but they just didnt realize

this happened to me alot of times
you can know wether its normal or not by looking at the sails closely
if its convulsing/contorting, then its the bugged version

My clan bank is full.

I’ve had this before where it was so long I couldn’t see the end of the sails

my alt has 500k cause it does
dont ask more questions

crack knuckles its on sight kids

why are your knuckles made out of crack

Whatever you say unc

My real wealth is in rusty cans if that makes it any better

jokes on you i collect old boots and rusty cans, even more reasons to hunt you now >:)

Want one


Go fish for ten minutes idk

Me thinking of Vladimir Putin reading the title