Will all boss drops be exchanged for a equivalent amount of boss tokens?

I’m considering getting some boss drops for AO but I have no idea if some items will be worth more tokens than others… imagine grinding for sunken swords just to find out they’re worth the same amount as mino helms :skull:


Wow welcome back :grin:

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the boss drop sellables will probably be the same as the boss drops you have, and all have the same value lol

also of course they’ll have value you’ll be spending a good amount of galleons in this game

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oh so we’re actually getting items in return? I thought by token it meant some coin or something

it’s basically a token, it’s meant to be sellable

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I wonder if those tokens will be possible to trade and if so, how long would it take for them to gain genuine value as a collector’s item.

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I can’t wait till my sellable items become the new currency!!!

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alr cool, so to my understanding the oathkeeper sellable will be worth more than some worse boss drop sellable? or will all boss drops be replaced with the same value token

probably all the same

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well thats one thing to fix before release

i’d be willing to bet that the sellable item would jsut be like the treasure piles from aa, and then he would allow those to be found from the chest lootpool :person_shrugging:

Can somebody explain to me what “Boss Tokens” are

something you get for your WoM boss drops that you can convert into money.
pretty straight forward, honestly.

be careful the galleon cap only get removed (or at least I think it does) at higher levels so wait to sell all your stuff