Will AO have a higher or lower player count than WOM?

Do you think AO will have a higher or lower player count than WOM?

way higher
i mean i know they had the whole thing of “Arcane Adventures’ Predecessor” in WoM but I think it’ll be more obvious now

How… how is this even a question? One is a dead game with horribly flawed mechanics and a general lack of content that will never be updated again. The other is a fresh, highly anticipated, and frequently updated sequel to one of the most beloved games on all of Roblox. I really don’t think this is hard to answer.

I was about to say yes but that’s an obvious answer so I decided to use tarot card reading for this

the answer is basically “yeah no shit it’d be higher”


I’ll explain all the reasons why I think WOM might have a higher player count.

  1. While, in reality, a continent is less fun, it’s really alluring to newer players.
  2. People who have already given WOM a try may see AO and think “Been there, done that.”

On the other hand,

  1. AO will probably be a lot more fun and will do a better job keeping its players around for longer.
  2. The AO UI showcase, which has been around for under 2 months, has a third of the views of the WoM character creation showcase, which has been on Youtube for a year and a half.
  1. “Newer players” aren’t going to find World of Magic, because Roblox will be recommending them Arcane Odyssey instead.
  2. How would this contribute to WoM’s player count being higher? I don’t understand this point. They’ll keep playing WoM because AO isn’t fresh to them… while still playing WoM?

psychic bnt

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WOM will literally be erased. I’m saying that fewer new players will be attracted to it because it isn’t set on an awesome gigantic continent.

Again, WoM is being erased. I’m saying that some people who played WoM might not come back for AO.

Nobody joins WoM nor AO for continents/islands, they join for the cool looking magics and AO’s magics look undeniably cooler


While some people play the game for the cool magic, not every player is like that. A huge continent with interactive NPCs sets WoM apart from every other RPG on Roblox, and by removing this aspect of the game, the game will lose a bunch of users who are only playing the game because of it. (The game might get players in other ways and still have a net positive player count, though.)

5 users have left the game

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The central gimmick of the game is being removed. I think that will make a lot of players leave.

Dumbass the central gimmick of World of Magic was magic
omg no way, impossible, big island tho omg
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World of Magic

wha- world encompasses a planet not a continent

if anything AO is bigger by that logic as oceans can span way more than a single continent could hope to

Are you actually fucking stupid or do you think




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This man is Spider_Language 2.0

WoM sucks ass.

That’s also what Spider_Language says as he kills 2000 level 45s with 100s of hours

10x… 20x… 50x. Hell probably 100x more players than rn.