Will Do Almost Anything For Agile Scrolls

I will do anything for agile scrolls (apart from give away seasonals because like, yeah, but thats about it on the limits).

From collect 200 coppershrooms to grind out a boss 50 times to get you potion reagents, and even other things that might not even be related to just grinding something out (ask about it), I’ll do it if you pay me in Agile scrolls.

we can discuss how many agile scrolls (usually 1) it will require after you ask for the job.


Wish I had an Agile scroll. Would ask for 2 musgravite

Anything you say…?

you got any Atlantean essence :>

unfortunately I lack a 4% drop rate

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I need agile scrolls


those take ages to grind but sure, I’ll take a request of 50 for two agile scrolls

gimmie 200 coppershrooms fr

alright, 1-2 agile scrolls (depends on how little they spawn or not)

How bout 150 for only 1 since ion got 2


a power scroll?

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