Will the game include base building?

Just a random question
I really like to build stuff and I was wondering if you can build a base in the game later
One idea I have is, build your own blacksmith forge where you can craft items or a enchantment table where you can enchant items but instead paying crowns you have to get materials like iron and that stuff. Or maybe just build a tower where you can chill with your friends, store items or maybe build a castle for a guild. Maybe even build your own shop where you can sell your items?
A hideout for criminals? Maybe you can catch slaves that can work for you? Or Chop wood from trees for crafting or building? I dont know but sounds pretty fun for me.
My thought was that there are some base plots you can claim around the map or maybe just choose a location you want?
I dont know if anyone thinks this is a good idea but it doesnt hurt to ask right?

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this is the best we’ll get for what you’re asking

Later on when guilds are a thing there will be base building.

woah yey building

Yeah make WoM into Hypixel skyblock, ez

I know this is dumb but u just jump scared me.

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