Will the MC's heritage be directly addressed in Skyhall?

The reason I’m thinking this is because at this point its pretty much certain that the MC is a descendent of Zeus, and being a descendent of the Lord of the Sky seems like a good way to get the racist sky people to actually listen to them. Though on the other hand I have thought that this might be a little too early.

What are y’all’s thoughts?

I feel like any direct development on the MCs past and heritage will come later on in the story, nimbus seems too early

I mean by this point in the story we’ve been told multiple times we have special blood, been hunted down by a secret society, woke up on a beach with no memories, and had a chat with Poseidon.

I think its about time for Morden/somebodyelse to give us some answers lol.

I can’t help but think that us owning a spirit weapon of Zeus is probably an important plot point too, spirit weapons from the king of olympus are probably rarer than others.

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I would agree, but all the important information regarding heritage(not the mc’s past that’s a different thing) in particular has been almost entirely given to us that there’s not much reason to hold it back in the story much longer.

Again has it ever been actually full on said that skyhall is full of racists?

Pretty cut and dry

Im theorising It will be adressed in Vimir Sea.

First of all, Nimbus will only go up to lvl 220, so 2nd Awakening will be in Vimir. The 1st Awakening had MC come in contact with Poseidon’s spirit, so maybe 2nd Awakening is something similar…

And something interesting that came up in the new trello cards is the mention of “Dragonblood Ritual”. Where it is said in Greek Myth that bathing in a Dragon’s blood can give you the powers of a Demigod.

Remember Warren said that Wotan had a sudden interest in the Dark Sea, one of the other reasons why Wotan hadnt touched Sameria aside form the treaty?

What if its related?

If Wotan and his sons are trying to attain powers akin to that of a demigod, then AO MC and Morden’s lineage would have to come up, and I think the revelation of them being legacies of the Gods should be there.

I dont think the revelation of AO MC’s godly ancestor will be in Vimir Sea tho. It will remain a mystery until later on. Just that AO MC will learn they have a God as their ancestor, but they wont know who until later.

Even then, that doesnt Skyhall wont have anything to reveal. My prediction rn is that Skyhall will have the very first hints towards MC’s past. Though, just the small crumbs, and it turning out to be where AO MC was taken by the Order for their magic experiments.

I dont think their home was in Skyhall tho, more like a traveller staying there till they got abducted.


Shoot, I think I went schizo, cause I swear I saw some people say that (I assumed it was Patreon stuff) and now I cant find it :joy: :joy: :joy:

Well, the second point still stands tho

We’re getting the frigate in nimbus which is 180+ so definitely over 200 I think

Nah I saw it too there was an image of Vetex saying it iirc.

You’re not entirely crazy.

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bronze sea went to level 120 so nimbus going to 220 makes sense

Why do you think that AO’s MC ever was in the Skyhall before?

It kinda feels like the perfect place for it to give the first clue to MC’s past before capture? Since Bronze Sea had nothing (it is kinda the introductory part of the whole story, makes sense), Nimbus Sea is probs more likely to give at least a clue towards it, since it seems to be the section of the story where we start dipping into the main themes of the story.

I doubt it would be Sameria, since theres that whole war plot. Skyhall seems perfect for that, and something abt it being isolated from everywhere else seems fitting? Even more so now since AO MC is going there alone, and I’d imagine finding clues of your past would be something personal for them.

Also, since this is most likely an overarching plot, AO MC’s past would probably come up a lot as we travel through each sea. And for that to be possible, it would mean that AO MC was travelling through the War Seas for a while.

I could be wrong tho, maybe Im jumping into too many conclusions, but I feel like Skyhall would be the perfect place in the story to start heading into that territory.

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Would be kinda funny if we get up ther expecting to face extreme prejudice, and instead they’re like “Hey man where you been? You left without a word, we missed you!”