Will the "weapon death effects" come back?

I just like the gore, and you could just add a toggle so maybe Roblox won’t take the game down.

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probably never

as an avid weapon death effects advocate
im here to disappoint you with the news that uh

Probably for the best it wasn’t added, just for better fps performance in AO and neatness.

Because I can imagine the bloodbath Munera would look like. And if it applies to npcs, then strength users would paint the walls of Fort Talos red every time they have to master a fighting technique.

(Just remembered it is death effects for weapons and not fs, nonetheless you can still imagine blood spatters everywhere in Ravenna)


nah, that stuff was pushing the limit for gore on roblox

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Neighbourhood War

Decaying Winter where you can literally hack off limbs, explode heads and slash out insides:

Good game, but it’s definitely pushing the blood and gore.

prob just dismemberment and light blood would be kinda cool imo. could happen since vetex is just talkin ab old death effects

Why does this sound sort of fun to do to those stupid ensigns

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This is why I don’t go to this forum for moral lessons. Ya’ll like to kill random ensigns that have jack diddly squat to do with the order.

I just find them all annoying and they’re bad because they joined the ravenna army and I HATE the ravenna army

and the ravenna army has to do with the order and thus they affiliate themselves with the order by doing so

But who’s to say the ensigns know that? They could very well just be enlisting in what they see as service to their kingdom and its people.

I wanna say I should change my ways but then again I need that FS mastery aannnd greenwish just isn’t cutting it

My man really is trading innocent lives for EXP😭

I mean if I HAVE TO farm greenwish I guess I will

that’s how I got FS mastery for my (now sadly stat reset) berserker file

it’s just that talos is so much faster

also these people are NPCs so it don’t affect me too much

It’s literally a video game, they’re lines of code not innocent people

That was a joke, but okay.

You said it in like 3 different messages so I assumed not, but okay

just looked it up. nevermind, i stand corrected.

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sadly even if it was added as an option, it would still raise the game’s age rating due to how Roblox handles that