Will there be 2023 Seasonals

Game just came out? Yes
Bugs and Hacks? Absolutely
People trading Headless for 50 Sunken Swords? Maybe

So are more seasonals planed for the game soon?

I dont think so, theres more important stuff for vetex to add currently.

Maybe not an Easter event. But when the game is up and running and more stable we can expect a Halloween event

Gonna wait for headless hoarders lose their minds the moment they realize it’s coming back in halloween and 30K+ players will be having it, losing it’s value frfr

Sorry to break it to you but it wont come back

nah i got da halloween stuff but just wondering if there will be more

I dont see any reason why vetex wouldnt release any more seasonals but we will prolly have to wait till halloween like sparky said. Maybe easter seasonals could happen but vetex will prolly want to focus on dark sea content by then

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