Will there be a magic combo re-balance BEFORE the release of AO?

It may be wishful thinking, but I really feel the magic combos should be re-balanced to be at least equal to magics with similar stats. I know that something like this may be coming AFTER the first release of AO, but since that will be after we all lock in our new magic choices, it will be too late.

theres been a few but likely no

You mean no combo rebalance at all? Ever?

I don’t think there’s any way to know for sure but I would imagine any that are too strong might get nerfed if testers find them to be too broken (e.g. Poison-Fire, Ice-Water)

I was thinking more about buffing the weaker ones, or ones that are straight-up inferior. Like shadow, plasma, etc.

a funny balancing tactic ive seen in pokemon generation 7 is

instead of nerfing the strong stuff
make everything else strong in their own way or just increase the numbers lol
and then somehow everything gets balanced

now this takes a lot of effort but it would be funny

…fix poison and ash clouds maybe?
that would be nice.

No pls I don’t want my light magic to be D tier or smth


The combos are inferior. That’s what this whole post was about. Shadow has NO positive interactions with other magics.

Oh. Kinda good point. Though it’s OP as a standalone.

Yeah, but in AO we will get our second magic.

that results in massive power creeps though
if somethings too powerful you just nerf it

rogue lineage races are a great example of why that’s bad

A mix of buffing and nerfing should exist.

Priority goes to buffing but gotta make sure you buff it for the right reasons. Don’t overbuff anything and keep it on a steady level.

Nerfing should only be reserved for when things get too out of hand and needs to be toned down.

Giving players a more diverse meta is better than giving players one where one option dominates the rest. Give players viable options and not nerfing them.


Technically speaking, nerfing and buffing can do the exact same thing, people just prefer buffing everything over nerfing everything.

i.e everyone does 1 damage per blast but everyone has 10 hp vs everyone does 160 per blast and everyone has 1600 hp.

And with that, a lot of sets get lost to the pass, forever away from viability

It depends on the game as there’s a sorta sweetspot for each game. Some games may need that 1600 hp with high damaging attacks, and maybe some games prefer low damaging combo based attacks. No game has the exact same way of attacking, dodging, defending, etc.

Each game has diversity so saying that it does the same thing is an understatement.

It does do nothing though, everything it “does” is purely placebo because there’s no quantifiable difference. Not to say that games shouldn’t use that placebo to show “greater” progression but it still does nothing.

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