Will there be another sunken set if so what would it be?

it has a downside so nah

Sunken Champion
Agility + Defense
Yep yep.

I think there could be a set with power and defense, but lets say you get it in nimbus sea, it will have the stats of an item from the bronze sea basically making it weaker but no drawback or insanity.

I dont get what you mean by that, new sets will have the same scaling, just higher max lvls lolz

sunken lance warlord exclusive

Hear me out… Would be cool if the final set is a boss drop from a boss in the dark sea that randomly jumps on your deck a mutant wearing a black/red sunken set that has been mutated and cursed by insanity and a greatsword that used to be blessed by the seas now cursed by the insanity of the dark sea growing out mutated spikes :smirk: