Will there be another sunken set if so what would it be?

I believe they will be adding the champion and it’s weapon will be a mace but WHAT NEXT? WHAT WILL BE AFTER IT?? SO MANY QUESTIONS :exploding_head:

sunken maid, trident

y’all can laugh all you want but if it was added it would most likely give defense + power and might actually be meta

the sunken champion set… defense… size… and speed…

Defense and intensity set

it’s been confirmed there will NEVER be a Power & Defence Set, next could be Power & Agility, Power & Size or Defence & Agility


oh okay not so lame then

Unless it has drawback?


Maaaaaaaaybe, I sincerly doubt it tho, imagine the insane statchecking this set would give

Power and size would go hard

Did you forget about the Vatrachos set?

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It could in all honestly power creep Elius, like Warrior did to Cerynx.

no need for speed when you have UNLIMITED POWA!!!

whip will certainly be great :smirk:

It’d be dope if we had a sunken set for all classes

Yeah vatrachos seems to be the exception cuz Drawback

Can’t wait to grind for sunken warden in 2026 (It gives 10% more defense than sunken iron armor)

kid named blasted titanium armour or frozen sorcerer set:

Thats not a set tho? It’s like Powerful Sunken. I’m saying there will probably never be a set that gives INNATE Power & Defence except if it has Drawback/Insanity