Will there be magic weapons that are equivalent to strength weapons?

By that I mean weapons that require both the weapons stat and the magic stat to wield.

Arcanium weapons

I believe there being stength-based/mixed weapons mentioned somewhere. Should be though, brass knuckles go pow pow

haven’t seen any mention of them


Bruh x2

As several people have said before, Arcanium Weapons.

What I was wondering if there would be weapons that REQUIRE a specific amount of magic stat to wield which would make them like strength weapons. Will arcanium weapons work that way?

Seeing as how they’re seemingly the magic equivalent of strength weapons, I’d assume so.

Previously I thought it might be possible for a pure warrior or pure mage to wield em (albeit inefficiently) but now that seems less likely

Okay, I get it. I just wasn’t sure if those counted.

you were kinda unclear so if you meant strength/magic requirements than no but if you mean magic based like the strength weapons then yes arcanoum weapons

Strength Weapons - weapons with infused Fighting Style
Arcanium Weapons - weapons with infused Magics

Fighting style = Magic for non-mages.

Can’t wait for weapon-infused weapons

Artisan weapons ig

arcanium weapons have existed since aa, artisan weapons is literally a new concept to us

Yeah, i was really hoping to be able to use it without having to put any points into weapons, h.

I’m curious how strength weapons will be different than just normal weapons that warlords imbue with their fighting style effects.
Maybe they’ll have a thing like arcanium weapons where a technique can be amplified/changed according to the weapon type.

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