Will we ever get special weapons/tools for "sub-classes"

I read about potion pvp being a class and I was thinking to myself

“Will there ever be special weapons made for these sub-classes”

as in sub-classes I mean player-profession like weapons

Im speaking a fishing rod weapon
Alchemist weapon
Chef weapon :fire:

whatever the hell there is
you know weapons that correspond to player-skill stats rather than an entire warrior/knight/warlord class itself

this topic was just made for me to vent about a potion-sling shot weapon which im still praying for

I think the point of professions is for them to be for non-combat related activities.

I’m hoping we get some cannonball potions so that we can fling a thunderstorm or a tsunami into a depressed pirate captain with no crew and a flimsy sailboat

I’m hoping for alchemist to be viable in pvp

come outside bro

insanity/harming V Supernova gonna go crazy
also happy cfist player noises

Fighting with a pan…

Reminds me of cooks on Baratie from One Piece

I’ve… never watched it :person_shrugging:

Basically a floating restaurant, then the MC accidentally hits the owner’s room with a cannonball so he has to work there for a month.
Then a starved man walks in and is denied service but the chef who will become the MC’s friend feeds him.
The starved man then delivers a positive review to his boss.
The boss then comes to the restaurant, threatening to take over the boat and pulling out weapons from his armor.
Then the cooks use oversized cuttlery to fight him and end up slaughtered because they’re cooks, not fighters.
Anyways, one legendary swordsman encounter, several Geneva convention violations and a tragic backstory later, they celebrate saving the restaurant like marvel superheroes.

Special ability: killing an enemy cooks them automatically