Willing to give one or all of my hard exiled gear set for a singular hard sunken chest piece

I’ve been trying to get these items by fishing but its been taking forever and only got a nimble sunken chest. contact me on discord if you want to try and make a deal. Nycticeius#0407 is my tag.

Hard Exiled is not worth any piece of Hard Sunken. As Hard Sunken is the most valuable Sunken Armour pieces in the game.

You will need to trade other good enchant (not your nimble chest) Sunkens for the pieces.

sorry like misinput said a hard sunken piece, no matter if its leggings or helm or armor, you can not give any boss drops for. unless you wanna give 50+ boss drops then we have a deal BUT you wont get them for hard exiled gear. Hard exiled is not super rare and if you want a hard sunken piece, go get a powerful sunken plus bad enchant sunken and then you might get a piece.

just hell no

youll prob get forceful sunekn

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