Wind Users, Assemble

wind magic users

Wind Users:


Wtf why this shit better be like 1 or 2 seconds

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God why

Feels good to be a wind user.

strong knockback

why wasn’t this ragdolling system added in WoM :frcryin:


A m p l i f i e d .

The replacement for the knockback stat.
Just increases any special property that magic has, such as… knockback.


abandon wind

because people like you would send players across the map

fair enough :frpensive:

Shit now I want to stay as a wind user. Goodbye shadow, looks like wind is staying.

oh boy, the space program is back



The council will allow it…

But hold on, ragdolling can be triggered from knockback and taking 33% of someones hp in one attack, I’m assuming.

Even if it’s like being frozen if you can trigger ragdolling with 100 forceful stat or whatever forceful is being changed to, I don’t remember, then it’s still fuckin broken.

We really gonna say a less-than 1 second flop that you can cancel at any time, can’t disrupt attacks, and won’t even restrict your movement much more than just taking the knockback without the ragdoll, is overpowered?

bro vetex added foosh ro dah

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Even if it’s just one second only and can be cancelled by using an attack, if you can trigger ragdolling several times it’s gonna be definitely overpowered, I guarantee if you don’t need that much knockback stat and there’s no “short immunity” I bet you it’ll be crazy.

Dude. We can literally playtest it. You do realize sometimes the ragdoll is LITERALLY unnoticeable right? I had to test it several times before I even realized it was inflicting ragdoll. Wind knockback has always inherently hampered movement, adding a flop animation doesn’t all of a sudden make it more broken.

It’s getting kinda confusing now, is it a full on ragdoll where you go completely limp and can’t do shit or is it just a visual that slightly slows you down?

I mean with wind knockback it tampered with movement yes but if ragdolling does make you completely limp and can’t really do anything to get out it kinda does. Though judging by what you’re saying it looks like ragdolling is just a slight movement inconvenience.