Wind Warlock or Wind mage

Being new to this forum, I’m about to max out a wind warlock set but I started to become worried that a wind mage can deal more knockback. I went for 150 magic and 100 strength to use an aura (I should of went for focus instead but stat reset potions exist in the next update) I’ve looked under every rock in the discord server already and found nothing that answers my question.

Edit: I’m looking for as much knockback as I can gather this build isn’t supposed to be pvp related.

If you want knockback for your wind warlock just go boxing and then use argos gear

But would that deal more knockback then a wind mage? I’m already aware both wind and boxing can scale with intensity but I have no clue if its imbued will deal more knockback.

I’m certain you’ll be fine on knockback with your warlock

Alr, will be continuing with wind warlock

actually only the argos chestplate is worth it if you want the highest intensity

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Late reply but I’m surprised berserkers can deal that much knockback with boxing. But being a wind warlock should I instead wait for stat reset potions to become a berserker or still stay with my current build?

It’s your choice, though berserker is better if you plan to pvp

Will those three builds deal the same of knockback or not? Berserker would be really fun especially when i get to use a second fighting style yet I’m still unsure what build would yield the most knockback out of the three builds mentioned.

All 3 have roughly the same knockback if you build them correctly, but wind warlock or wind mage have more options for that kind of knockback compared to boxing berserker

Theres also one thing to consider, if you just want to send things flying, Wind mage is the best for that, as you would get aura, blast ultimate, and explosion ultimate.

…but if you close your eyes (a o a o a a o a o a a o a o a a o a o)

winđ is better suited for mage, tho you can go wind sailor and use ice gel or wind boxing for funny knockback

“wind sailor” wind damage reduction while soaked:

your own magics don’t have negative synergies with each other, it should be the same with fighting styles too

gotcha, i’ll have to verify that d:

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