Wings of timmy part one: the beginning of the end


In an alternate timeline where darkstalker is never awoken, a powerful organization comes to rise and its very quickly gathering the attention of many, the owners? a human, and a dragon, both mysteriously named timmy with different last names…

The organizations goals are relatively unknown as of right now, many queens are preparing for war with them as they are rapidly increasing in numbers, and in technological advancement.

but before we get to the good shit, lets start small…

this all began one hot summer day, a skywing named Timmy claw was walking to his secret meeting spot, where he would see a special friend of his…




“jesus wait you’re gonna get us caught”

“yeah i know, but i dont have time to wait for so long man.”

Timmy galleon would climb down from a cliff slide and say “so, apparently someone important of yours got killed or some shit?”

Timmy claw looked up at the sky “yeah, but nobody really liked her, she was like a huge bitch”

“well, why you so mad looking today?” timmy said finally making it down, pulling out an apple from his pocket

"god effing damnit mini me, you really should try living a life where war is literally been apart of your life since birth, I’m tired of this shit man, everyday its “war with these fuckers and war with those fuckers, like, cmon man can we just stop already?”

Timmy chuckled a bit and said with a mouth full of apple “I know you guys have war and all but like, yesterday i learned about dragon hybrids and i can’t stop thinking about some seriously weird shit that you guys would have to do in order for that to happen”

“what the actual fuck mini me…”


Timmy claw would stare blankly at a bush and say “you know, if i had more power somehow, i would really try to end the war, of course, protesting wouldn’t work since majority of people are bitches…”

timmy galleon made a sarcastic remark “then just get power man”

“wait, the more i think about it… mini me, i think youre onto something here…”

“what do you mean?”

Timmy grinned a bit and said “what if we somehow started like an organization with more people, and we could maybe try to do something with that?”

“like, terrorists?”

“no mini me, fuck off”

“well where would we get the people?”

“we would probably have to hire mercenaries or something, but, to be fair, mercenaries are quite costly”

“how about criminals and or rogues? we have a lot of those back in the village.”

“hmm, well, i would say thats a bad idea but, somethings telling me that this would actually go somewhere…”

Timmy galleon slowly got up and looked around “well, i dont know how loyal you guys are to your queens, but surely theres some exceptions, like you”

“yeah, you know, i have a feeling we’re on to something big mini me… something that might change the world one day…”

“its getting late dude, im heading back”

“yeah, i should go, guards gonna be on patrol soon, we’ll continue this tomorrow”

Is this talking about the War of Sandwing Succession? If so, this would be in the first and second arc at the same time

Dragons think humans are brainless, and humans think dragons are brainless (They can’t understand eachother’s languages)

not for long…

afterall, timmy and timmy can understand eachother

Well, apparently something happened before this story since you mentioned that now

yeah i should clear that up in part 2

Plus dragons won’t give a crap about them, especially entire tribes, even if they killed a few dragons. They need to actually be an active major threat before that happens.

And what war are you talking about here

idk lol, no war specifically, i guess any one in that timeline

i had an idea where after assembling a small ragtag team of some dragons and people, they some how get their hands on the animus scroll, and thats what makes them instantly become extremely dangerous.

(this is how timmy G gets his magic, thus making him a huge threat)

Because of that thats basically what grabs the attention of everyone else.

How would the dragons know he obtained it? Also there wasn’t a war going on in the second arc once you take Darkstalker out of the fray.

hmmm, good point.

well remember, Timmy C said he wanted to turn pyrrhia into a democracy, so even though theres no wars, he still wants to overthrow the queens, which boost his infamy even more thus making c.l.a.w more well known.

and i guess there should be some nightwing on the team or somebody who knows of legends about the scroll, maybe like a master thief.

the wars Timmy C was talking about was ones he grew up in, which he got exhausted by, so he blames the queen system for it, since everyone is divided and he believes that causes tension.


basically, a massive chain reaction starting with two unlikely friends who opposed the system.

So they got the animus scroll, proved they were intelligent, made everyone scared by displaying his power, and now everyone is going after him?

yup, and theyre tryna turn pyrrhia into a democracy while doing so.

im still thinking about mini side plots

just gonna say
if you wanna make this much easier to RP aka doing it in real time
i would recommend making a discord server for it

I’m gonna rewrite this

I’m confused, why is this in the roleplay category?
Edit: Oh wait, looked at this category a bit more. Kinda thought it was a category for like, where you like act out characters and a plot like in the Robobitch Roleplay or something, and not write stories like in the Writing Category. I guess my definition of roleplay is a bit wrong though a.