Wizards do be waking up

me when
all the heroes/villains in WoM2 dont have their fancy clothing and look like they just woke up lol


theyre having problems with getting enough sleep due to the massive influx of level 100+ players

Everyone’s fighting on equal terms now

rip his shirt and then he will be my brother

wait don’t rip pants

Do rip pants :smiling_imp:

The olegification of camreeyan

Everyone is oleg deep down

Ive also seen they go up to around level 150, where before they stuck around the 120 range

I saw one boss that dressed up as if they were homeless

I recently figured out why this is the case.
Minibosses tied to apprentice quests still wear their armor.

Minibosses tied to adept quests, which are more common, do not.

I assume the reason why is because maybe adept quest minibosses were meant to have different equips, but vetex never implemented it, so they look like regular wizards or dark wizards.

That would make sense, perhaps they were supposed to wear equipment a tier above wizard, like how wizard is a tier above spirit hat, but since no one was going to be adept rank anyway, vetex didnt bother making the equipment.

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