Wizard's Extinction Ch. 20 "Standoff"

The wizards all aboard the ship and flew after the aliens who had stolen their weapons.

Their jet eventually caught up to the aliens.

“Lower the jet, i’m going in!”
Ryan yelled.

Richard opened the jet up, allowing Ryan to jump onto the top of the car.

“Sapphire Blast!”
Ryan blasted the roof off the car.

One of the aliens got off the seat and punched Ryan off the car, however, Ryan just barely caught onto the boot of the car.

Ryan tried crawling back up.

The alien quickly picked Ryan up and began strangling him.

The Alien would be shot by Sarah, as blue blood sprayed out of it’s torso.

Ryan then dropkicked the Alien off the car, the speed of the vehicle causing the skin of the alien to peel off like an apple.

An alien charged up his fist and slammed Ryan, knocking him right back into the jet, unconsious.

Charles tapped on Ryan.

“Get the arcan-cycles!”
Richard yelled at the other wizards.

Leon, Sarah, Kent and James all got on the cycles and drove off the jet and onto the highway, pursuing the two cars.

The aliens started throwing explosives onto the road in order to kill the wizards, but they’d evade each one.

“Explosion Magic!”
Leon blasted a hole into the other car, exposing the aliens within.

“Earth Magic!”
An alien summoned a large boulder that slammed Leon off his bike.

“What the fuck-”
Leon’s eyes widened as the boulder knocked him off.

Sarah got off her cycle to help the Injured Leon who laid on the road.

James and Kent continued to chase after them.

“Ice Magic!”
“Wind Magic!”
James hurled ice as Kent would use the wind to push them at a greater force.

The alien yelled as one of the blasts managed to stab the driver in the head, causing it to stop.

“I’ll get the weapons, get the other one!”
Richard spoke on the coms.

The other car’s window opened as it shot at Kent.

Kent would be shot in the abdomen

“Kent, i got him!”
James drove infront and blocked the other bullets from killing him.

Kent stopped driving as he would be picked back up by the jet.

James continued chasing the aliens until…a horned wizard ran down the streets towards the car.

“Crush him!”
The alien yelled at the driver as he began speeding to the Reaper.

The Reaper jumped in the air and slammed himself down into the car, throwing the aliens out of the windshield and onto the streets.

James, Fang and two other aliens stood in a Standoff, all charged up with magic.

“Who are you?”
James looked at the Reaper.

“Just a man trying to get out of this universe.”
Fang’s eyes glowed as he turned his head at James.

“Lower your hands!”
One of the aliens spoke.

“On 3…3!”
James yelled as the other complied.

However, one of the aliens had a plasma-caster that grew out of it’s back and shot James down and shot another at Fang.

Fang blocked the attack with a scythe.

“Wizard, Catch!”
Fang tossed one of Richard’s blasters to James.

James caught it and blasted one of the Alien’s brains onto the road.

“Snow Magic!”
The other alien froze James in place and charged at Fang.

Fang immediately ripped out the dead alien’s spine and used the Plasma-caster to blast a hole in the Alien’s head.

He’d use his scythe to then slice the alien in half finishing them both.

James broke out of the frozen effect.

Fang looked at James and begun running.

“Sarah, shoot him!”
Richard yelled on the coms.

“Wait, don’t-”
James tried yelling.

Sarah shot a sniper at Fang, but in a split second, Fang caught the bullet with his palms and dropped it, before continuing to run.

“Who was that?”
Charles spoke into the coms.

“A reaper, i once met one 1000 years ago, strange thing is that they’re extinct.”
Zackary stroked his own beard.

“He said something about a different universe, heck does that work?”
James pondered.

The jet landed as the wizard’s exited.

“I’d know something about that.”
Aaron the Alien spoke.

“My alien brother’s decided to aboard the ship you humans took onto our…false-homeworld, people from alternate universes came here to help humans steal our world for good, my leaders had to make a deal…with the Marauders!”

Aaron spoke as he shot Richard’s throat.

Richard choked on his own blood as he fell down.

Denzel yelled as his fist were covered in shadows.

A group of Marauders and Alien arrived at the scene.

“Wizards, fall back!”
Zackary’s voice trembled with sadness.

Zackary immediately teleported all of them into the jet as he began piloting.

“We can’t leave him!”
Mike yelled.

“Zackary, what the hell?!”
Ryan yelled as knowing they left him.

Zackary’s eyes begun to tear up as he sped away.


Richard would be surrounded by Aliens and Marauder’s all with weapons and magic.

Jack’s emerged out of the group as he walked towards the injured wizard.

“No matter how long you live, whether it be hundreds of years, everyone eventually dies.”
Jack looked at Richard.

“Tell me, where they are…to speed up the process.”
Jack calmly spoke.

Richard’s gargling voice said nothing.

Jack picked Richard off the floor and slashed open his wrists and threw him down onto the floor.

Richard eventually bled out from all three wounds and eventually, died.

“Well done on the deception phase, Rutiple (Aaron’s true name), you’ll be rewarded greatly.”
Pirit spoke to him.

-Meanwhile as Fang ran away-

Fang found himself in an abandoned alleyway with homeless people everywhere.

“Fresh Meat!”
They looked at the Reaper.

“Inferno Magic…”
Fang burnt all the people into ashes and walked away.

“Fang, don’t do this~”
A familiar voice appeared in Fang’s head.

“What do you want, Daniel Silver?!”
Fang turned around to see Daniel’s ghost appear out of the ashes.

“You’ve helped save our universe…years, years ago, my kingdom, please don’t die like this…a murderer.”
Daniel spoke.

“All for what?!”
Fang yelled.

“Our universe died anyway!”
Fang slammed his fist onto the floor as the floor cracked.

“You had survived the blackhole attack, right?”
Daniel questioned Fang.

Fang’s face turned from anger to concern.

“We couldn’t save our universe…save others and destroy it…even if it kills you.”
Daniel touched Fang on the shoulder.

Fang said nothing as he turned his back from Daniel and walked away.

-To Be Contiuned-


FYI for anybody is confused as balls, Fang is a character created by the user…“Cryo” my version of him comes from another series i wrote “Summerhold” (It’s somewhere around the piles of other people’s amazing work) Other character’s like Icarus and Daniel are from the same series.

So in a way, both the series are loosely connected, but not too heavy to the point you have to read “Summerhold”

Thanks for reading!

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immense pain ;-;

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So Fang’s home reality got eaten by the funni black hole huh

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Yes, but somehow he survived getting torn apart by it and warped to another reality, all while the ghosts from that universe haunts him o.o

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Yo epic :sunglasses: