Wizard's Extinction Ch. 21 "Detectives"

Ryan and Derrick begun their detective work on what recently happened.

“Look at this shit!”
Derrick opened a tab to find a news article.

“Dead Man In Robes Found Dead On Bell Village Highway!”
It said.

“Bloody assholes these humans are!”
Derrick spoke.

“Aren’t we humans?”
Ryan raised an eyebrow as he turned his chair.

“Well, you don’t see them shooting fireworks out their ass!”
Derrick yelled.

“Heh, you sound like Sven.”
Ryan giggled a bit.

“Low blow man…”
Derrick turned his chair back to the computer after remembering his dead brother.


Charles sat alone in a dark room pondering about the dream he had a few days ago.

“Why are you sitting in the gym room in the dark?!”
James turned on the lights.

“You don’t know. Maybe. I’ll. Kick. Those. Aliens. Asses!”
Charles said as he slammed the punching bag.

“Ah, f-”
Charles swayed backwards as he held his hand in pain.

Charles fell back onto the chair.

“I miss her, y’know?”
Charles removed his tophat.

“Your wife?”
James questioned.

“Kyla was an amazing wife, gave birth to that badass kid, Ryan.”
Charles stared into the ceiling.

“Funny thing is she gave me this top hat on our first date…ever since then i always worn it while with her…”
Charles teared up slightly.

“The fire…they never found a body right?”
James questioned.

“It was honestly luck how Ryan survived…i’m almost convinced he ain’t human…”
Charles spoke.

“Please just leave, alone time could pay for my sanity…”
Charles put his top hat back on.


Leon laid in a medical bed after receiving his injuries from last mission.

“Christ, will he be alright?”
Sarah spoke to a Nurse.

“Only a few cracked ribs, atleast they didn’t puncture his lung.”
The Nurse smiled.

Sarah placed her hand on Leon.

“Ah~ not there!”
Leon growled.

“Oh, sorry…”
Sarah immediately put her hand off and slowly titled Leon’s fringe back.

“Gal! We found, STUFF!”
Derrick and Ryan grabbed Sarah away into the meeting room.

-Meeting Room-

"While screwing around with the security cameras, we found where this “Reaper” lives, well, possibly, he could live BEHIND that house, camera had a blindspot.
Ryan explained.

“What street was it?”
Denzel spoke.

“23rd Olivestreet-”
Derrick spoke.

“Shadow Recall…”
Denzel interrupted and teleported away.

“Mother fu-”
James bitterly spoke.

-Meanwhile at Olivestreet-

Denzel found the abandoned building where the Reaper stays and searched the area, he would search every closet and under the beds looking for him.

A muffled voice could be heard in the bedroom.

Denzel slammed open the door to see a man sat down in a chair covered in cloth, he’d walk over and remove the cover.

“Where is he?!”
Denzel yelled at the man.

“He left right a- after hurting me, p- please help me!”
The man begged.

Denzel looked at the familiar logo with two red-streaks with a white circle covering it on his chest.

“A marauder…”
Denzel said as he pulled him off the chair.

“Put him down!”
Fang entered through the window.

“You’re the universe-warped-murderous freak?!”
Denzel smirked.

Both stood apart from each other without moving the slightest.

Denzel threw the chair the Marauder sat on at Fang.

Fang immediately broke the chair with his arms and threw a shadow-knife at Denzel, he used the Marauder as a meat-shield and pierced his heart.

The Reaper ran towards Denzel and picked him off his feet and threw him into the kitchen.

“Shadow Ball!”
Denzel tried blasting Fang.

Fang quickly rolled, grabbed Denzel and slammed his head into the fridge.

Denzel’s vision became blurry.

“Ice Blast!”
Fang blasted Denzel threw a wall and into the storage room.

Fang swung his leg but would miss as Denzel grabbed it and threw him into a wall, he’d then punch Fang twice before throwing him back into the kitchen.

Fang grabbed a crowbar from the kitchen draw.

Denzel ran right into the crowbar as blood spewed out from his nose, Denzel blocked the three other hits before breaking it out of Fang’s grip and blasted him back into the storage room.

Denzel grabbed a katana from his inventory and charged back at Fang.

“Ice Blast!”
Fang froze the Katana instantly.

Denzel swung the sword but Fang grabbed it, shattering it in his palms.

“Shadow Explosion!”
Fang yelled as the whole room blew up.

Denzel fell out of the building and fell onto a lower building’s rooftop.

Denzel laid on the floor bloodied.

“I’ve been fighting way longer than you have child, stand down.”
Fang gloated before jumping onto the roof.

“If you’re so skilled, why did you leave Richard to die?!”
Denzel yelled.

“Your little band of assholes are just as corrupt as the Marauders, if anything, it’s that old man Zackary’s fault.”
Fang spoke as he walked closer.

“He let so many people get tortured instead of saving them, he let Sven sacrifice himself to save their skin, he could have easily teleported to you and saved you from becoming a Marauder.”
Fang spoke.

“Yes, he makes mistakes, we make them just as much mistakes as humans do, despite the faults Zackary had done, he brought me back into the light…he cares about his students!”
Denzel got back up from the floor having healed due to the Ripper-virus and dashed towards Fang.

Fang teleported behind Denzel with a knife at his throat.

“You’d make a great punching bag if you can’t die…”
Fang threatened him.

“That’s enough!”
Zackary teleported behind Fang.

“Speak of the devil!”
Fang turned his head.

“I know what you’ve been through Fang, i know you once lived in an amazing reality and lost it all.”
Zackary spoke.

“Then you’d know i have nothing left to lose-”
Fang said as he let go of Denzel and walked away.

“Does Daniel still talk to you?”
Zackary curiously spoke.

“How do you…?”
Fang turned back.

“You two used to fight against his sister, Spencer and other dark allies, didn’t that mean anything to you?”
Zackary spoke.

“I guess that young king did show me the better side of showing heroics…”
Fang replied.

“You’re right, Fang.”
Daniel’s ghost spoke in Fang’s head.

“Shut up~”
Fang whispered to himself.

After a long moment of silence as the wind of the night sky howled in their ears, Fang finally made his decision.

“I will help your faction deal with the enemies, once i’m done, i’ll destroy the universe-eating Blackhole.”
Fang walked back to them.

“You will need some help with that.”
Zackary spoke.

Zackary teleported himself and other two back to the base, all to hear screaming from outside.

“Master Zackary, look at the sky!”
A young wizard yelled.

Zackary and all the other wizards raced outside to see the world-destroying blackhole right infront of their earth.

Zackary worded a profanity.

-To Be Continued-


Had fun writing this chapter, especially for the fight between two dark-heroes.
(Also, the “Reaper” and Fang are the same person, just thought i’d change the word to avoid it getting repetitive)
Thanks for Reading!

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