Wizard's Extinction Ch. 22 "Universe-Destroyer"

The wizards stared helplessly as the blackhole edged closer to their planet as the Marauder’s arrived including the Aliens.

“Ah yes, these are the ones who are trying to destroy our planet with the blackhole.”
Jack lied to the Alien leader, Pirit.

“Kolitks, attack!”
Pirit roared as the Alien’s charged at them.

“Get into the bunker, young wizards!”
Zackary yelled while summoning a temporary barrier.

“Blow up the Powerplant, let none of them escape!”
The alien-human hybrid that was once Lucy commanded.

The young wizards raced into the Bunker as the other’s protected them.

Leon woke up on the medical bed.

“Where am i, where is Sarah?!”
Leon yelled at the Nurse.

“She is…protecting us from an invasion.”
The Nurse spoke.

“I must get out of here!”
Leon said as he rolled off the bed.

Leon fell onto the hard concrete floor.

“Leon, i only ask for your wellbeing, she will be alright!”
The nurse yelled.

“Without her, what wellbeing will i have left?”
Leon got up from the floor and stormed out of the bunker.


Denzel, Fang and Kent all stood near the back of the powerplant as they looked at the Alien-infused Lucy.

“Wind Blast!”
Kent tried blowing away Lucy.

However, Lucy’s arms began to glow up and mimicked his magic.

“Wind Magic!”
Lucy hurled a stronger gust of wind.

Kent flew backwards into a ditch.

Both Denzel and Lucy created beams that would connect.

“Shadow Scythe!”
Fang teleported behind and swung at Lucy.

She would also copy Fang’s ability and teleported behind Denzel.

Denzel felt a sharp claw pierce through his chest.

“How did she do that?”
Fang knocked her away with a kick.

“She mimics shit!”
Denzel laid on the floor, already beginning to heal.

“Then i’ll fight without magic…”
Fang removed his cloak and grabbed a crowbar.


Zackary found himself alone, face to face with Jack.

“This time, i won’t spare your life.”
Zackary looked at Jack.

“Neither will i…”
Jack stared.

Dust covered the room as a piece of the ceiling fell and hit the floor, all that could be seen of the two were sparks.

Both shot various long-lost spells at each other, some of which they’d dodge and other’s they’d take.

Jack yelled while destroying Zackary’s defenses.

Before Jack managed to hit Zackary, he’d evade by teleported backwards.

“The world is about to end, what are you fighting for?!”
Jack’s eyebrows curved with anger.

Zackary said nothing, only thinking about his next move.

Another piece of the ceiling fell down onto the floor, dust blinding Zackary and when it settled, Jack was right infront of him.

Zackary tried punching Jack.

“Earth Wall”
Jack hurled a wall out of the floor that pushed Zackary into the air.

Once Zackary landed, he got himself back up with his arms glowing.

“I won’t run away from a fight, never again…”
Zackary spoke.

And just like that, Zackary turned into a large armored creature made of Light and Fire magic.


Ryan, Derrick and James all stared in the distance to see the large, metallic worm burrowing into the ground and going towards them.

“Look out!-”
James yelled.

The worm burst out of the floor, causing all three of them to fly through the air and land on their backs.

The worm looked at Derrick and lunged it’s head at him.

“Water Barrier!”
Derrick prevented the action by stunning the creature momentarily.

“Explosive Barrage!”
Leon dropped from above and hurled several rounds of explosions at the worm.

James formed a gauntlet made of ice and jumped towards the worm.

With one punch, his gauntlet smashed through the worms head, as blue blood and metal scraps dropped to the floor.

“Live from that-”
James removed the gauntlet.

James’s eyes widened to see the creature’s head move.

The worm grew five heads from the body, all of them smashing the wizards.

All the wizards yelled as they laid on the floor severely injured.

The worm roared as it approached Leon and ate him whole.

Sarah ran towards the creature and shot the Silkar canon at it.

The gun appeared to do nothing but when the creature knocked her over, it only pushed her back without damage.

“You softened the creature?!”
James got off the floor.

The worm roared as something sharp poked out from it’s stomach.

Leon yelled as he tore his way through the worm.

Leon quickly turned around and used the same knife to slice open a wound from stomach to tail.

And then all the wizards including Sarah shot into the creature’s softened stomach.

The worm let out it’s last yell before falling to the floor dead.

Eturik the Owner saw this as he started swearing in this language before blasting several explosions at wizards.


Fang continued dueling Lucy without magic and started to crack open her armor as sparks flew out with each blow from the crowbar.

The same explosion from Eturik blasted into Fang sending him flying through a building.

Fang slammed through a table and onto the dusty floor.

Denzel and Kent both got up as they held out both a metal pole and bricks.

Denzel threw bricks as Kent used his wind to boost it faster into Lucy, denting the armor.

“The pole!”
Denzel commanded Kent to give it to him.

Denzel would be blasted backwards through the same building as Fang.

Kent yelled before using his wind magic.

Lucy walked right through the magic, without being effected once.

Kent tried to punch Lucy, but his knuckles would break on impact.

Lucy then grabbed his arm and tore off his arm.

Kent let out an cry in agony.

Fang got up, teleported to Kent and pushed him away before shoving the pole into Lucy’s exposed chest.

Lucy roared as sparks spewed out.

Denzel then teleported infront of Lucy and pushed the pole deeper within, murdering her for good.

“For Sven…”
Denzel closed his eyes.


Zackary and Jack continued to duel with mythical, 20-foot magic creatures, with each blow causing the ground to tremble.

Jack swung at Zackary three times, all of which he dodged, Zackary then jabbed his claw at Jack but would be blocked before Jack headbutt Zackary backwards.

Jack looked around him to see trees and boulders floating towards the blackhole.

All the Aliens, Marauders and Wizards looked up to see the blackhole urging closer, as it started to pull them away.

Zackary exited his magic-armour and teleported to every wizard outside the bunker, teleporting each one to the Primary Headquarters.

“Where are we?”
Mike spoke.

“Primary headquarters of the Marauders, we should be safe here for a while.”
Zackary replied.

However, Jack followed them and blasted Derrick downstairs.

Ryan screamed.

Jack tried to hit Sarah, but Leon jumped infront of her and took the hit.

Leon grunted as he laid stunned on the floor.

“Ice Blast!”
James shot at Jack.

Jack quickly summoned a glass-wall, that reflected the ice blast back at James, freezing him.

“Oh come on-”
James spoke before he’d be completely frozen.

Fang turned into shadows as he dashed towards Jack, however, Fang would be grabbed by the neck as Jack began choking him.

“Shadow Scythe!”
Fang managed to summon a scythe and severed Jack’s hands off.

Jack faintly grunted.

Fang then dropkicked Jack through the wall and off the building.

“There we go-”
Fang would be interrupted by Jack teleporting behind him.

“Snow Barrier!”
Fang summoned a wall.

“Electron Magic!”
Jack summoned a powerful wave of electricity that broke down the wall as it both stunned and caused Fang to fall off the building instead.

Jack’s hands quickly healed before cracking his neck and smiling.

“Go wizards!”
Zackary opened up a portal.

Zackary pushed all of them into the portal leading to the bunker before closing it off.

“If you want to kill me, KILL ME!”
Zackary yelled.

“Despite all you’ve done, i’ll still love you!”
Zackary concluded.

Jack slammed Zackary skull down onto the floor.

“And i’ve always hated you!”
Jack snarled before smashing Zackary’s face.

“Inferno Magic!”
Jack summoned blue fire and begun burning Zackary’s face.


Jack stood in a field with blood on his hands as he stood over a bandit.

“Jack, who is that?”
Zackary appeared behind him.

Jack claimed.

Zackary walked infront of him as he looked down at the bandit.

Zackary turned back.

“He is unworthy scum, pure evil that deserves death!”
Jack crossed his arms.

Zackary walked up to Jack.

“Would you do the same, if i were one…if i were no-one?”
Zackary looked into Jack’s eyes.

-Flashback over-

Jack looked down at the blood-deprived Zackary, his own blood dying his hair a scarlet-red, he wanted to continue punching, but despite this, he fell onto the floor and broke down crying.

“No, i’m a murderer!”
Jack’s voice trembled in guilt.

Jack pulled out a pistol wanting to shoot himself in the temple, until Zackary held Jack’s hand, stopping him.

Jack dropped the gun before teleporting away, leaving the headquarters to get destroyed by the blackhole.

-To Be Continued-

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