Wizards Extinction Ch. 24 "Finale"

Ryan sat in a restaurant as he watched on the news.

“A group of wizards have just saved our planet from being destroyed by a massive blackhole!”
The newsfolk spoke on the news.

“We will be willing to accept the Wizard’s back into society as we apologize greatly for our mistreatment.”
Another man on the news spoke.

Ryan looked down at his plate of food to see the reincarnated Fang sitting next to a girl with a funny outfit on.

Ryan smiled before looking on his phone.

“Ryan, there’s a bank Robbery two blocks away, come quick!”
A message from Derrick appeared.

Ryan tipped the Waiter before racing outside, helping the world once again.

-The End-


We’ve reached the End of Season 3!

Season 4 will be coming out soon, however, i will be taking a very long break, thanks to everyone who has been with the series for a while.

Thanks for Reading!