Wizards Extinction Ch. 25 "Museum Robbery"

“Linkton’s Historical Museum” Home to many artifacts and antiques lost throughout years for new tourists who had came all the way to Bell Village to view.

“Alright students, we’ve passed all the items from the years 1000-2000, now we’re going to be looking into this century.”
A teacher spoke to them.

Multiple suits of men stood behind them all, watching them.

A walkie talky on the table was going off.

“Yes, James, Leon is off on toilet break”
Ryan picked up the talkie.

“Alright, do you see the “Tophat Corporation” anywhere?”
James spoke.

“No, no sign of the Marauder Wannabes…”
Ryan spoke.

“Derrick, what do you see?”
James switched channels.

Derrick’s monotone voice echoed as he looked at a bone-statue.

“That is all we have for- HEY, what are you-”
A teacher would be pushed out of the way be the Tophat Members.

“Frick, they’re at the Present-day artifacts!”
Ryan swiftly turned his head to face the commotion.

“Engage Ryan!”
James yelled into the talkie.

Ryan slipped his hand off his gloves.

“Sapphire Blast!”
Ryan carefully blasted over one of them.

A tophat member yelled.

“Metal Barrier!”
Charles blocked Ryan from the rounds of bullets.

“Shadow Recall!”
Denzel teleported behind one of them a stab him twice in the back before throwing him down onto the floor.

“Ember Barrage!”
One of the tophat members blasted Denzel backwards through a glass-cage and turned his blasts towards James.

“Shit, they actually have magic-”
James quickly muttered before being knocked out.

“Water Bubble!”
Derrick summoned a sphere of water that trapped the magical member and negated his fire magic.

“That enough!”
One of the tophat members held out a weapon that aliens once used.

“Sarah now!”
James got off the floor and spoke on the Talkie.

A shot from Sarah’s sniper blasted the villains hand off.

He yelled and held onto his severed wrist.

Ryan then sprinted towards him and dropkicked him through a glass window, finishing him off.

“Phew, what did i miss?”
Leon arrived while zipping up his pants.

“Just 10 minutes of action.”
Charles replied.

“Who even were they?”
Leon spoke.

“As Ryan would put it, Marauder Wannabes, only difference being that they ARE FRICKEN WIZARDS!”
Mike exclaimed.

All the wizards looked out the window to see cops arrive.

“Everyone else, go, i’m the best with politics.”
James began stomping towards the exit.

-10 hours later-

Steve woke up strapped onto a table.

“Uh, no-”
Steve realized what happened.

“Sorry about what Alastair did back there, looked like it hurt.”
A female doctor stabbed a syringe into his arm.

“What’s your name?”
Steve lifted his head up.

“Since you’ll forgot anyway, my name is Alice.”
She spoke as she took the syringe out with his blood.

“Where am i?”
Steve whispered.

“About 50 feet underground…it goes much deeper.”
Alice replied.

“What are you doing to me?”
Steve immediately questioned her.

“I’m just here to take your basic DNA, afterwards, another doctor will be instructed by Alastair to do…other things.”
She replied.

“Who is Alastair-”
Steve tried questioning again.

“Too many questions, rest now.”
Alice spoke as she put him to sleep.


“Alastair, our Squadron has failed to retrieve the alien tech from the Museum.”
A tophat member entered the meeting room.

“Hmm, it was a tremendous task i should have done myself…take a seat.”
Alastair politely spoke to him.

“As we’re all aware, the Marauders have failed to eliminate the Wizards, all due to one thing…the leader.”
Alastair spoke.

“He was but a fool who crumbled like a leaf when trying to kill his old allies, he was unfit to rule …and a disgrace to his own organization.”
Alastair laughed.

“Having most of you transitioned from their, to my organization, i can assure you, i won’t be a hypocrite and disappoint you all.”
Alastair smiled.

“What if we do fail?”
A member spoke on a chair.

“You cannot kill evil or good, despite the unbelievable chances of how little each faction will succeed, one will win, the other will fail…but then would return.”
Alastair leaned back in his chair.

“Meeting over, i’d like to see that boy from the Construction Site’s memories altered, if impossible…kill him.”
Alastair clapped his hands together before teleporting away.

“Seems like a nice guy…”
Alice spoke to another member next to her.

“I heard he tore a workmen’s spine out and ate it…just a rumor though.”
He replied.

-To Be Continued-

First Chapter to Season 4, once this series is over (Preferably Season 5)
I would love to start another series that may be a possible sequel/prequel to this, it’s complicated to explain with words, but you’ll get it in the near future.

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