Wizard's Extinction Ch. 26 "Containment"

After multiple tests by the Tophat organization, they were unable to remove Steve’s memorizes and are discussing what to do next.

“We should murder him, make it quick and painless.”
Steve managed to hear somebodies muffled voice.

“There is still a chance to alter his memorizes…”
Another spoke.

Three suited men entered and surrounded Steve on the table, who had played being asleep.

“What is his threat level?”
A man spoke.

One of them replied.

“We can carry him without restrains.”
The last one concluded.

All three of them pulled him out his retrains and started carrying him out of the laboratory.

The power throughout the facility turned off.

“It’ll come on in a few seconds- UAH!”
One of them would be burnt into ash.

Another member started shooting aimlessly in the dark.

“Fire Explosion!”
Steve conjured a wave of fire that burnt both of them, temporality giving himself vision in the darkness.

The lights came back on with the charred remains of the Tophat men, their white bones sticking jaggered out of their chest.

Steve found a keycard and used to open up a supply closet, with a suit and sunglasses inside, putting them on, he exited the room and wondered around the facility.

“Subject:012 has murdered his caretakers in Labortary#22, keep an eye out for suspicious activity and kill him!”
A nerdy, raspy scientist spoke into the speakers through the large facility.

“How the hell am i going to get out?”
Steve spoke to himself.

While he ran past multiple containment doors, he saw one of them with a Danger Level of 15.

“He looks important.”
Steve opened the door.

A guard behind Steve ran to him.

“Suck it!”
Steve flipped them off before locking the doors.

“Come out now, or we’ll enter by force!”
They yelled.

Steve quickly ran to the control panels and opened the cell door.

A ghoulish wendigo’s boney feet clanked out of the room.

The Tophat members managed to break down the door.

“What the fu-”
One of them screamed before having his throat torn open by the creature, as Steve hid inside a closet.

Once the creature left, Steve exited the closet and followed the beast close by.

“Wendigo has made it to Exit: 1A, all guards prevent his escape now!”
A frantic scientist screamed.

The Wendigo started clawing each of them down, slicing through their ribs and spine like a knife going through a fish.

“Fire Blast!”
Steve began firing at the guards who stood infront of the exit gate.

Once they were both gone, he continued running to the exit.

The Wendigo howled in pain and fell to the floor.

“Send him back to his cell…i will deal with the boy.”
Alastair threw the Wendigo onto the floor as he slowly approached Steve.

“You have quite the ambition and determination to leave…but for what reason?”
He spoke.

“You are god damn murderers!”
Steve screamed.

“My poor guards wish they could say the same, before you’d burn them to death, wizards in general and murders, even the righteous Wizard Academy won’t lay off a finger to murder someone.”
Alastair smiled while walking closer.

“One more step and i’ll burn your ass to the ground!”
Steve pointed his hands towards him.

“I won’t hurt you, boy…”
Alastair cautious steps became faster.

“Water Control!”
A young wizard appeared behind Steve and sent a large wave of water, comparable to that of a tsunami at Alastair.

Alastair growled as he created a large bubble which stopped the water.

“Come, we don’t have long!”
The water wizard spoke.

Steve followed him as they both stood over a cliff.

The wizard would be shot by a bullet as blood seeped out.

“Water Barrier!”
The wizard summoned a water bubble that glided them down onto the floor, near more wizards.

“You’re the Wizard Academy?”
Steve looked at each one of wizards.

“Yes, let’s leave before that Tyrant escapes Derrick’s defense.”
James and the other wizards ran out.

Alastair evaporated all the water with white-fire magic.

“Al, we secured the Wendigo!”
A guard ran behind him.

Alastair’s yellow eyes glowed though his sunglasses in red-rage with his hand mutating into large boney claws.

Alastair slowly regain his composure and reverted back to normal.

“Control the Wendigo and let him hunt down that Water Wizard…”
Alastair began floating the blood off the floor from Derrick and spewed it done a miniature tube.

“Give it to the beast.”
Alastair handed the vile.


Leon, Mike and Sarah were all together as they explored an arcade.

“You sure you don’t want that nerf gun?!”
Mike spoke as he swung a toy-hammer down onto a wack-a-mole.

“No, we’re here to find the blackhole remnants…”
Sarah looked into the tracker.

“It’s coming through the kitchen.”
Sarah spoke to herself.

“How old are you, man?”
Leon looked at Mike.

“Bro, we haven’t played- heck, we haven’t been at an Arcade for our entire lives.”
Mike exclaimed.

“We can do that all we want when he catch the Blackhole-crap from the wrong-hands.”
Leon caught the hammer before Mike hit one.

“Jeez, fine!”
Mike let go as they both walked to Sarah.

“It’s in the kitchen!”
She pulled both Mike and Leon by the ears and towards the kitchen.

“No running-”
A employee tried chasing after them.

“No four-eyes!”
Mike laughed at his the man’s glasses.

The three of them slammed through the kitchen door and locked it from the angered employees.

“Do you think they’ll go back to hating wizards by doing that?”
Leon questioned Sarah.

“We’ll negotiate after we’re done here.”
She spoke.

All of them wondered around the room eventually finding the remnants inside a glass-box.

“Okay, let’s take it and leav-”
Leon would be cut off by screaming from outside the kitchen.

They saw zombified humans leaped around biting into others and turning them into zombies.

“God dammit, they contracted the Darkhole-Virus!”
Leon screamed into a walkie-talkie.

“Find a way out of there, now!”
James angrily roared into the talkie!

All three of them stared through the glass, seeing a bloodied hand smear all over it.

-To Be Continued-

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