Wizard's Extinction Ch. 27 "Zombie Outbreak"

Leon, Sarah and Mike glared in terror as zombies began slamming the door.

“Oh, there’s many ways i want to die, but NOT from zombies!”
Mike claimed.

“Earth Blast!”
Mike looked up and blasted open a hole in the ceiling.

They stacked up boxes and made it to the roof of the Arcade.

Multiple zombies slammed into the kitchen room.

“Explosive Barrage!”
Leon blew up the boxes as well as hordes of zombies while on the roof.

More zombies arrived by climbing up the ladder and onto the roof.

“Blam, Blam!”
Sarah shot shotgun rounds into the zombies, blasting brain-matter and blood off the building.

Both Leon and Sarah held off the zombies as Mike stood back and watched in fear.

The employee with glasses appeared behind Mike.

“Ah, four-eyes!”
Mike fell onto the floor as the zombified employee tried biting him.

“Jesus, even the virus didn’t help your pimpled up face!”
Mike threw the zombie off of him.

“Earth Blast!”
Mike finished off the zombie by hurling a boulder at it, as limbs splattered off the zombie’s body by the force of it.

“Who is closest to us?”
Leon spoke into the talkie.

“I am.”
Denzel spoke as he sprinted past zombies, teleporting through them all.

Leon and Sarah finished murdering the zombies, and jumped off the building to finish the zombies who surrounded the building’s entrance.

Each zombie would be either be, blown up, bouldered, or shot by them three.

“I am here!”
Denzel spoke in the talkie as he sliced each one of them down.

“Look out!”
Denzel yelled as Sarah as he pulled the creature off her.

The zombie yelled as he bite down onto Denzel’s shoulder.

Denzel yelled as he shoved a shadow-spear down the zombies throat.

Denzel removed some cloth off his shirt and tied up his arm to stop blood-flow.

“My own ripper-virus will fight off the infection, it just needs more time.”
Denzel claimed.

“Are you all alright?”
James spoke through their talkies.

“Yeah, we had defeated all the zombies, but we’re unsure if any decided to escape us and create more havoc in the city.”
Sarah replied.

“Do you have the blackhole remnants, if so, do not touch them with your hands, that’s how it spreads.”
James informed them.

“Got it.”
Sarah replied.

Distant growling could be heard from around a building.

“Yep, some zombies escaped, we’ll be back at around 10:00pm.”
Mike spoke as all four of them ran to the carnage.


All the wizards set up a tent in the forest as they laid the injured Derrick down onto the flooring as James tended to his wounds.

“Who was that man who captured you?”
Charles spoke to Steve.

“His name is Alastair, he’s a Wyvernoid.”
Steve spoke while leaning on a tree.

“Any specific magical feats?”
James questioned him.

“I don’t know, they do seem over-powered as crap though.”
Steve replied back.

“Great, another tough villain…”
Derrick got off the floor and sat.

“That is yet to be seen.”
Charles grinned.

“Oh, he’ll kick your ass.”
Steve reinformed him.

Charles narrowed his eyes in frustration.

Steve quickly responded.

The Wendigo screamed as he scattered through the leaves of a tree and broke it down, causing it to fall down.

“Metal Laceration!”
Charles quickly chopped the tree into two, saving them all.

“Dammit, already?”
Steve’s eyes almost teared up.

The Wendigo charged at them.

“Ice Blas-”
James tried conjuring a spell only to be smacked into a air and smashing into a tree.

“Metal Blast!”
Charles blasted a boulder of Iron at the beast.

The blast went into the creature’s stomach, bruising it greatly, but the creature recovered and charged again.

“Metal Beam!”
Charles casted another spell.

The creature leaped into the air, dodging the blast before coming down with a kick, knocking Charles unconscious.

“Oh god!”
Derrick held his hands in front in a blocking-pose as it lunged at him.

“Crystal Blast!”

“Wind Blast!”

Both Ryan and Kent’s magic blasted the beast, piercing it and pushing it backwards.

Steve awed in amazement

“I didn’t even know that kind of magic exists!”
Steve replied.

“Fire Blast!”
Steve continued blasting the creature with rounds of burning-flame, the cold creature’s opposite.

The Wendigo seemingly gave up on it’s assault.

A bright red glow emerged out of the Wendigo, almost blinding them all, as a young lady fell out of the creature’s stomach.

“What the hell is this?”
James arrived with his hands covered in ice-magic.

“Erm, a girl…or a boy?”
Derrick stared shocked at the women.

Radio static came out of the talkie on James’s shoulder.

“Leon, Denzel, Sarah, Mike?!”
James screamed into the mic.

“I swear if that retarded virus got them!”
Charles yelled as he pinned up onto a tree.

“I did not know the virus had already been spread onto people before they arrived, i’d never put them through that much danger!”
James held onto Charles’s wrist before pushing him off.

“Dad, I’m sure they’re okay, they fought aliens for crying out loud!”
Ryan calmed Charles down.

“We should head back to them immediately.”
Charles returned back into the tent and grabbed his hat.

“What about the girl?”
Steve tried yelling, but to no response.

The other wizard packed their stuff and began leaving.

“God. Damn.”
Steve growled as he turned back and carried the girl on his back with them.

“Wait up!”
Steve yelled while following near them.

-3 hours Later-

“Earth Blast!”

“Explosive Barrage!”

“Shadow Blast!”

Mike, Sarah, Leon and Denzel attacked the horde of zombies who surrounded the streets.

“Damn, it spreads fast!”
Mike kicked one of them, shattering their jaw-bone.

“Where are they?”
Ryan yelled into the talkie.

After many minutes of bloody-rampage, the zombies in the area were cleared.

“Don’t shoot!”
A man in a grey suit, black t-shirt with pointed up black-hair appeared out of the silence.

“Are you bitten?”
Ryan yelled while pointing his fists at them.

“No, i’m not a bad zombie.”
The young, frightened Russian looked at his sleeves.

“Any of your…friends?”
Mike looked behind them to see two other healthy-citizens.

"Yes, Pete, Natalee, friendly people!
The young man turned behind and waved at them.

“Are they wizards, Bennet?”
Natalee raised her eyebrow.

“Yes, very strong, elementals!”
The three citizens walked to them.

“Alright, stay with us, we’ll wait for the elders.”
Sarah spoke to them.

“Is HE not a zombie?”
Bennet pointed at Denzel.

“He’s infected with a whole other virus that isn’t transmittable and prevents the zombie one.”
Leon gave Denzel his mask.

Denzel whispered before covering his face in shame.

All of them looked at each other until all of a sudden.

A building exploded.

Mike jumped backwards.

They looked onto of the building to see a zombie.

Sarah shot at it, however, it’d create magic wall made of Rock.

“Is that Cameron?!”
Denzel recognized the zombified-wizard.

Bennet screamed and the other two citizens leaped into rubble, hiding beneath it.

The zombie-wizard’s bloodied mouth dripped down onto the pavement, after a long-pause…it leaped at it’s wizard allies.

-To Be Continued-

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10 days without a single chapter, that’s worse than last time.

Reason being holidays started for me and i really wanted to get the full-resting experience, as well as the fact i had no idea what i’d do for this chapter.

Anyways, i SHOULD be back to regular schedule, if i ever take a while to create another chapter, blame the other two reasons, hopefully you’ll understand.

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