Wizard's Extinction Ch. 32 "Guilt of a Hero"

Many days have pasted since the defeat of Alastair, as Ryan sat on his bed, the room closed by any light to enter.

“He had a daughter…and we took him away from her.”
Ryan thought to himself, knowing there was another way to stop Alastair.

Just as this was happening, Ryan’s arm began to shake, and then began shifting into grey scales.

“No, god please!”
Ryan wailed in pain on the floor.

Ryan’s arm then split apart, as a slivering tendril emerged.

Ryan screamed while holding down onto his arm.

“Ryan, RYAN?!”
Derrick began knocking on the door.

Derrick forcefully entered to see Ryan unconscious on the floor.

“What the hell?”
Derrick covered his mouth in shock to see his arm.

“Hey bro, aren’t you gonna finish your ice-cream, oh-”
Sven entered the room at the scene.

“Get James, now!”
Derrick yelled.


All the tophat members sat in silence in the meeting room.

“Heh, he really though he would surpass Jack.”
A member laughed.

“His rule may have ended shorter, but that’s not to excuse the fact he completed his goal…he discovered the Creator…”
A devious man named Oliver smiled, his face were pale-white with one eye that were blood-shot, giving him a crazed appearance.

“We do not have the means of harnessing such power.”
The new main leader spoke.

“The plan is to summon him and act as humble slaves, in order to gain his trust, once we do, murdering him behind his back will be the easiest way to take him out.”
Oliver laughed.

“Your plan, manipulative swine.”
The leader angrily spoke back.

“Don’t try and act all tough, this faction couldn’t even take out a gang of low-level wizardry children.”
Oliver stood up.

“Now if you’ll excuse me, my associate and I must leave, we have a thousand more productive ways to use our time.”
Oliver closed his eyes as he and his partner left.

After a few seconds of walking, Oliver’s partner broke the silence of nothing but footsteps.

“Mr. Salore…my readings detect nearby readings of magic infront of our building.”
Nick’s high-pitched voice slightly agitated his leader.

“Please, just call me Oliver.”
He smiled.

“Oliver, do we engage?”
Nick repeated himself.

“Sure, do you have your Keeper?”
Kalvin referred to Nick’s magic absorbing dagger.

“It’s just there.”
Nike walked over to a bench.

A grey tendril emerged out of Kalvin’s back and quickly brought it into his own palms.

“Do you know what wizard i had to weld into atoms to craft this masterpiece?”
Kalvin held the dagger into the air.

“Your brother’s wife…”
Nick spoke with a sense of dread.

Kalvin pulled Nick towards him with the same tendril.

“Don’t let it out of your grasp again.”
His constant smile turned into a frown as he handed the dagger back to him.

“A- alright.”
Nick’s voice trembled in fear.

“Hey, cheer up, i’m not a murderer who uses employs as stress balls.”
Oliver pat Nick on the back as the two walked out of the building.


“Why won’t he wake up?”
James pondered.

“To hell i would know?”
Sven spoke as he slapped Ryan’s face.

Ryan would have no reaction, as he begun to dream.

“Ryan, Ryan where are you?”
A female voice muffled throughout a flaming building.

“I- i’m here, just stay- don’t move!”
Ryan blindly wandered through the house.

Ryan turned around the scorching corners to see his mother, on the floor as a man stood near her.

“Who are you? you need to get out!”
Ryan screamed while pushing the man back.

“Welcome to the harsh reality, son!”
A middle-aged man punched Ryan as he fell onto the steaming wooden floor.

Ryan groaned on the floor as blood poured out his nose.

The figure walked closer and stomped on Ryan’s face, cutting his vision to blank.


Oliver gained a glimpse of Ryan’s dream.

“Is it the Hive mind again?”
Nick questioned.

“Yes, despite the death of our queen, my species are still…connected.”
He stroked his forehead.

“Don’t mind it, let’s catch that wizard.”
Oliver and Nick continued towards their van reading to hunt down the next wizard.


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