Wizard's Extinction Ch. 33 | Season 4 Finale | "New Dangers"

Ryan woke up on a couch, panting heavily.

“Are you alright?”
James handed him water.

Ryan drank the sweetened water.

Ryan noticed the sugar at the bottom of the glass, putting it down.

“What the hell happened?”
Ryan sat up and looked at James.

“You have a gift, Ryan, something that separates you from all others.”
James replied to him.

“While your father never told me what you have, it’s something that many other’s share…like your uncle.”
James fearfully finished his sentence.

“Uncle Oliver?”
Ryan’s eyes narrowed.

“Your family has been rather…odd, no offence dear boy, from the past generations, your ancestors consisted of a lot of creatures, with the first of your bloodline declaring he would create the strongest breed of human known to man, a hybrid of all mythological creatures, all of them leading up to you.”
James explained.

“One of those creatures have a unique hive mind, that creature being your Uncle.”
James sat off his chair and walked to Ryan.

“I’m going to sit there.”
James asked Ryan to move over.

“What happened in your dream?”
James asked.

“It was the day i lost my mother, there was smoke and fire…at the end of the dream, a familiar man said “Welcome to the harsh reality, son!” and then the dream ended.”
Ryan explained.

“It was Oliver…”
James figured.

“How do you know this?”
Ryan sat off the chair and stood infront of James.

“I do not, but i do believe Oliver knows why.”
James looked up at Ryan.

“I do ask you avoid that man, although the answers may tempt you.”
James pleaded.

“…Fine, i won’t”
Ryan smiled before slowly leaving.


A Merchant stood infront of a man who sat in the chair, toying around with voodoo dolls.

“I have found the blueprints of where the “Book of the Summoning” is, the cost will be around $2,500,000 galleons.”
A mysterious Merchant spoke to a Doll-user.

“Can i pay it with 25,000,000 yen?”
The Doll-user carefully placed the doll into his pocket.

“How much is that in galleons?”
The Merchant spoke.

The Doll-user’s voice grew soft with awkward silence.

“Hey now…”
The Doll-user got off from the chair and held his hand around the Merchant.

“If you give me the book, i can summon THE GOD and he could pay you nine-times that amount, think about it…”
The Doll-user removed a strand of hair from the Merchant’s hood

“I don’t believe in God.”
The Merchant claimed while noticing purple particles coming off of his body

“You’ll need him…for what’ll happen next.”
The Doll-user grabbed both the hair and doll, sliding the hair into the doll and pierced it’s leg with a pin.

“No, AUH!”
The Merchant fell to the floor as the Doll-user grabbed the book.

“Tophat Productions, stand down!”
Oliver arrived.

The Doll-user cussed before running away, leaving the Merchant behind.

“What did you give him?”
Oliver kneeled down at the injured Merchant.

“Do not hurt me, it’s just business, i have a family to feed!”
The Merchant pleaded.

“Sir- Oliver, i have placed the trackers on the two vehicles, one of them left, do we get them?”
Nick stood with his back-straight while speaking.

“Of course, meet me there.”
Oliver smiled.

“Wait- no, NO- Gauh!”
The Merchant’s screams echoed throughout the building, causing Nick to freeze behind the corner before continuing to their vehicle.

-20 Minutes Later-

A building laid dormant, filled only with crates and cobwebs that were scattered throughout the cobblestone tower.

The Doll-user a Japanese man dressed in a blue overcoat and a grey sweater shoveled around the crates, smashing each one while looking for a book, the barely working lights shining onto his blue hair.

He grunted as he kicked a crate across the room.

“I know it is in here, the blueprints from the ruins of the Tophat Organization leads to here!”
He began fuming as he shattered another crate.

The man gasped as he noticed a crimson book.

He blew the dust off the cover of the book with the words reading “Liber of the Convocatio” which translates to “Book of the Summoning.”

“Hah, at last!”
The man cheered as he jumped up and down in glee.

"Hurt to burst your bubble, but we need that book, Kinsei
Oliver and his subordinate Nick emerged out of the corner.

“You two have been a royal pain up my ass as of now, get lost, you don’t want to know what will happen next.”
Kinsei replied.

“We’ll take our chances.”
Oliver claimed while sprouting out a tendril as Nick gripped harder onto his Katana.

Immediately, Kinsei grabbed a voodoo doll and charged at Nick, grabbing hold of him. Oliver, having seen this would whack him backwards into a wall.

Nick saw his arms glowing a faint purple.

Kinsei then held out the voodoo doll with a sample of Nick’s hair and sliced it’s legs, in return, causing Nick to fall down as blood spewed out of his wounds.

“It would have been reckless for me to go into battle agaisnt you both without thought, rather focus on the weakest before fighting the main course!”
Kinsei laughed as he threw a box at Oliver.

Oliver broke the box with his tendril, but while it obstructed his vision, Kinsei appeared right infront of him and kicked him on the side of the head.

Kinsei giggled as he held both another voodoo doll and Oliver’s hair.

Nick threw his katana at Kinsei, however, he would block this attack.

“Be a good pawn and die-”
Kinsei grabbed out Nick’s doll and held a knife at it’s throat, but then, he would be slashed by Oliver.

Kinsei screamed.

Oliver would use his tendril to grab Kinsei again and slam him down onto the dusty floor.

“You’ve lost, Doll-user.”
Oliver held the katana and directed it at Kinsei’s heart.

“Should have disarmed me…”
Kinsei stabbed Nick’s doll with a pin in the chest.

Nick howled in pain as he fell to the floor.

Oliver exclaimed while looking over at Nick.

“Get off me otherwise the kid dies.”
Kinsei’s eyebrows curved into a enraged grimace.

Oliver slowly got off the Doll-user. Beeping began going off on Kinsei’s arm.

Kinsei looked over to his left arm.

The device exploded, causing Kinsei’s arm to fall right off along with the book.

“Uragh, Gaah!”
Kinsei screamed as he slammed his foot onto the Nick’s doll-head.

Nick’s head would be crushed like a balloon filled with blood, brain-matter and shards of skull spewing all over the floor.

Oliver pierced Kinsei’s chest with his tendril, before throwing him out the building’s window and into an ally.

“Sorry kid.”
Oliver kneeled down at Nick’s corpse and mourned.


In another universe, there is a world of cursed spirits that roamed with multiple souls and ghosts that floated amongst the green skies of the realm.

Three spirits talked with eachother, Icarus, Cassandra and Spencer.

“I want to go to the human world, it is so boring here!”
Spencer claimed.

“Our universe has been destroyed, what is there to come back too?”
Icarus claimed.

“If you hadn’t killed me, you bastard, i would have saved the world!”
Cassandra angrily yelled.

“Although, i did love to see Daniel accept death as he watched Summerhold crumble and blow away.”
Cassandra giggled.

While this happened, a different coloured spirit of purple and darkness entered the void and looked at them.

“A world where yours didn’t end, sounds fun enough for you three, doesn’t it?”
A mysterious spirit spoke to them.

“Who are you?”
Spencer spoke.

“I’ve been looking in every multi-verse for you three, meeting you all as spirits is the closest i will get.”
The mysterious man floated closer.

“Care for a second chance?”
The spirit smiled.

-To Be Continued-

That’s a wrap up on Season 4.
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