Wizard's Extinction Prequel | Oliver Salore | "The Krolodite"

Krolodites are a fascinating Hive-mind creatures who follow the orders of their Queen, a horrific skeletal creature that comprises of grey flesh and red veins and many, many tendrils for defence.

Oliver, a half Krolodite and human hybrid had been born, despite not being born directly from the Queen, he is still connected to her, affecting his childhood from a very young age.

His brother, Charles Salore, had his genes skip his generations, but had been passed down to his son, Ryan Salore. Oliver showed signs of his species feats when he grew out a tendril from his spinal cord, due to him lacking the control or the lessons by the Queen, it would murder his parents, leaving him and Charles as orphans.

“We must hunt down and kill the Queen!”
Charles spoke to his brother while the both sat at an abandoned alleyway.

“We can’t, both yours and Kyla’s magic cannot do anything to it.”
Oliver replied.

“You have the weapon of murdering her…”
Charles referred to his brother’s biological weapon.

“Don’t even mention it, i do not have the means of controlling it anyway.”
Oliver concluded.

“Hey guys.”
Another orphaned woman, Kyla Barrion arrived with soda and tuna cans and sat down with them.

While they sat down and enjoyed their meal, they noticed a distinct clicking noise coming from under a sewer drain. While this happened, Oliver emotionlessly got up and walked towards it.

“Oliver, what are you doing?”
Kyla questioned.

Oliver would smash open the drain and entered the sewers.

Charles yelled as Kyla and himself followed him.

“Oh shi-”
Charles would look into the drain to see hordes of Krolodite’s going towards something.

Charles almost fell in until Kyla pulled him to her, both falling down.

"Are you alright?’
Charles got Kyla off the ground.

“You’re asking me?”
Kyla said before staring into the drain.

Eventually, after a few minutes of waiting, all the Krolodites would finish their march and the noises were all gone.

“Let’s get Oliver…”
Charles spoke as the both dropped into the sewers.

The two wizards went through the sewage tunnels, being disgusted by the smell and amount of litter that covered the flooring.

After a few more minutes of walking, they eventually came to a stop, in the main area of the sewers, laid the Queen, surrounded by many other lower-class Krolodites, including Oliver.

“There he is!”
Kyla began walking to them.

Charles pulled her back to his chest.

All of a sudden, the Queen began eating it’s young, growing larger and larger.

“What is it doing?”
Kyla spoke to herself.

“When a queen hasn’t earned enough food for the coming winter, it’ll eat all of it’s young…including Oliver!”
Charles’s eyes widened.

“Huh, wait, WHAT?”
Oliver awaken from the hypnosis to see a Queen, whom had eaten everyone besides him.

“You’re an odd one.”
The queen spoke.

“Metal Laceration!”

“Magma Blast!”
Both Charles and Kyla blasted magic at the creature.

The Queen would be knocked backwards, but no visible damage had been done to it’s exoskeleton.

Thousands of tendrils grew out of the Queen’s back and pierced forwards towards the wizards.

“Metal Wall!”
Charles created a wall that blocked the creature’s attacks.

Oliver, grabbed a metal pole off the ground and smacked it into the Queen’s face, doing no harm as she flicked Oliver high into the air and landing down into a pile of trash bags.

“Magma Blasts!”
Kyla began shooting multiple rounds of magma at the floor the Queen stood on.

After a few seconds, it melted the entire floor, leaving, Charles, Kyla, Oliver and the Queen to fall into another floor, the second room were covered in the skeletons of previously slaughtered Krolodites, and their bodies were bound to be the next.

The Queen was the first to get off the floor and picked both Charles and Kyla off the floor with it’s tendrils, entangling them before dragging them into it’s mouth.

“Metal Control!”
Charles manipulated the same pole Oliver used and forced it into his hand, using the pole to immobilize the Queen’s mouth as she bite down.

The Queen let out a guttural scream as yellowish blood poured out of it’s mouth.

Oliver managed to get off the floor…and decided to unleash his tendril.

The Queen managed to break the pole and before she would eat both Charles and Kyla, Oliver’s tendrils would stab right into the chest of the monster, piercing the Queen’s heart.

The creature fell down onto the floor, it’s entire body going from grey, into a flakey white, she was dead.

A large white entered the room, as an Ancient Wizard appeared.

“There you are…my name is Zackary.”
Zackary walked towards them.

“I have a home for you both.”
Zackary smiled as he held onto both Charles and Kyla’s shoulder, teleporting them all except for Oliver.

Oliver began tearing up slightly.


Oliver had been driven into a state of madness and insanity, having been rejected the opportunity to be with his brother and friend.

Oliver eventually joined the Marauders to hunt down the Wizards, after it were destroyed, he would find himself joining the Tophat Organization, to complete Alastair’s goal and find a way to summon Nyrieh (Basically God) into the world.

-The End-

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Both planned Origin stories have been done!

I will be creating the Story Recap for “Summerhold” next, as the story plays a key part in Season 5, so you conveniently don’t have to read the entirety of the Summerhold series to know what will happen.

After that, i will release the Season 5 Prologue!

Thanks for Reading!

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