Wizard's Extinction Prequel: Sarah Drake

Born into…quite obviously the Drake family and born in 2035 (22 years-old at the end of Season 2)
Her mother got divorced with her father, leading a very drunk and unstable man to raise Sarah, eventually leading to him dropping her off at the military Camp.

Despite the all the army men and Captain saying that a young person shouldn’t be here, a Lieutenant would go against the Superior’s commands and train her in secret.

-14 years later-

Sarah and other army men would be assigned by the Lieutenant to capture a wizard.

A man sitting across from Sarah started whistling at her and would eventually go off his seat and sit next to her as he played with her hair.

She quickly grabbed the Rookie by the neck and slammed his face into the floor as blood spilled everywhere.

“Rookie. Jerry, you’re bleeding all over the jet, go to the bathroom!”
The Lieutenant directed the man with the bloodied nose away.

“Alright folks, we’re gonna drop in 2 minutes, equip your parachutes!”
The radio echoed throughout the jet.

Sarah and the other Military officers equipped their chutes and waited.

"3. 2. 1. RELEASE!’
The radio yelled.

All of them landed onto a ship where a wizard was keeping multiple cops hostage and hid behind crates as they awaited the Lieutenant’s orders.

“The culprit is on the 2nd floor at the control room, facing the doorway.”
He spoke.

They walked throughout the ship’s complex structure, trying to silence their footprints as they searched for the Control room.

Sarah found the room and slammed the door open as she pointed a gun at the wizard.

The wizard tried speaking but would be shot in the shoulder, in return, he pulled a lever, putting the ship in reverse.

Sarah lost grip of the floor and fell onto the metallic wall with the Wizard about to hit her with a bat.

She grabbed the bat off his wrist and used her left elbow to break the man’s arm, causing him to drop the bat.

He yelled.

Sarah got on the floor and slide-tackled the man down onto the floor.

“What is your name, wizard?!”
She yelled as she pointed a gun to his forehead.

“-Cough- I ain’t no wizard, wizard’s have magic, right…or is that just a racist slur for being talented?”
The man spoke as he grabbed a sharp blade and stabbed her.

She fell backwards on the floor.

“Got you now!”
The man grabbed a bat and dashed toward, about to smash her head against the floor.

The man fell onto the floor as a wire connected his foot to the window of the ship.

Sarah quickly grabbed a device and pressed a button, sending the man flying through the window and onto the decking area of the ship.

A military officer said as he held an M9 incorrectly.

“You ain’t no cop, ye’ fucking idiot!”
The man yelled as he shot a barrel, causing it to explode as he sent most of the men into the ocean.

The wizard quickly aboard the helicopter he had stolen, the military tried shooting, but to no effect, as the man got away.

-1 hour later-

The Captain stood infront of all 17 soldiers, (3 of whom had died)

“The hostages were saved, however, the culprit got away…”
The Captain spoke into an microphone.

“Everybody besides Sarah, is dismissed.”
The Captain concluded.

Sarah walked up to the Captain.

“Yes, sir?”
She spoke.

“You’re the whole reason those cop’s lives were saved, i thank you.”
The Captain spoke.

-Meanwhile with the Wizard and the stolen helicopter-

“Ring, Ring…”
A phone ran in the wizard’s pocket.

“Where did you go, Sven?”
Derrick spoke as he looked at the opened door of the house while spraying Mosquitos.

“Uhhh, just got out to buy…erm, milk!”
Sven spoke as he turned the stolen Jet to the shopping center.

“I will be there at 8:00PM!”
Sven yelled as he slammed his phone down onto the other seat.

-The End-

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