Wizard's Extinction Season 3: Story Recap!

-Season 1-
A young boy named Ryan Salore, would have his parents hunted down by Marauders, leaving him as the only survivor.

He headed to School with his friend, Derrick, as he participated at School, as they waited for the bus, a Wizard named James, quickly saved them by being attacked by an Assassin named Denzel Barrion, from the same group who murdered his parents, the “Marauders” However, James himself got captured as Ryan and Derrick escaped.

Ryan and Derrick would ask Derrick’s Brother, Sven, to take them to the wizard temple, in which Sven would comply.

All three of them would meet an 2000 year-old man named Zackary, As they all begun their training, Sven however would become bitter over the supposed death of James and stormed outside.

While drinking his beverage, he would be ambushed by a group of Marauders including a Prototype Ripper, another student tried saving Sven, but would have his back broken by the large creature, Sven had finally unlocked his magic, Plasma, to fight back to the Marauders.

Zackary arrived at the last second to save Sven, but in deep frustration of losing a student, stormed off.

More training began as Derrick and Ryan fought Zackary, eventually leading to Ryan unlocking his Magic, Crystal. Derrick stared jealously of the fear of being born without magic.

James, who had survived and was being held hostage in a warehouse, would be saved by none other than Ryan’s Father, Charles Salore, and immediately head over to the Marauder’s base.

The temple would be found and attacked by the Marauder’s, but before they would all be murdered, Zackary teleported the three boys into a dessert, Zackary looked at the floor and accepted his fate before James and Charles arrived as they killed them all, Except for Denzel and another High-ranked marauder, Gilbert

The three boys stayed in the dessert as they rested in a house until they were attacked by another Prototype Ripper. While fighting, Derrick had unlocked his Water magic and fought the Ripper as a military Officer, Sarah Drake, arrived to defeat the Creature, it was only until James, Zackary and Charles arrived that they finally defeated it.

All of them headed over to the Secondary Headquarters of the Marauders and destroyed the building by exploding the Reactor core.

-Season 2-

Two rookie wizard’s, Leon and Mike would attacked by Marauders and would be rescued by The Golden Trio of Derrick, Ryan and Sven.

Training begun with the new wizards as Leon began to fall in love with Sarah.

The leader of the entire Marauder Organization, Jack Rose, has constructed the newest form of the Ripper, built to be almost unstoppable, he would send 5 of them all over the streets.

The wizard’s had been found by one of the Ripper’s and hid within the sewers, the wizards fought back, however, it would overpower and capture Zackary, but, they managed to outwit the Ripper, causing him to fall into toxic waste, supposedly killing it.

Unfortunately for the Marauders, one of the Ripper’s malfunctioned, causing it to exterminate all life in it’s view, causing both the Wizard’s and Marauders to temporally band together to defeat it.

After a long, difficult battle, they finally defeated the Ravenous Ripper with a powerful lazor-cannon

The wizard’s decided to save Zackary, including all Wizard’s who were in the Primary Headquarters, as they split up into 2 groups, Group A would save the students, while Zackary, was able to show sympathy for one of his oldest students turned Marauder, Denzel and managed to turn him back into the light and saved him.

Charles would be left behind to fight Jack’s second in command, Lucy, so that Denzel and Zackary could escape, currently leaving his fate unknown.

Group B on the other hand, had to fight the mutated version of the Ripper they fought in the sewers, but, they managed to kill it by using a lazor-cannon to create an opening in it’s chest, as Leon stuck a grenade in the wound, blowing it up from the inside.

They all escaped and would live happily ever after, until, Lucy teleported to the jet and sliced the jet’s wing and the bottom half off.

Many of the rescued wizard’s died, until, Sven made a noble sacrifice, leaped out of the jet and defeated Lucy, causing the both of them to fall out of the jet, as they fell into the abyss of clouds…

-Season 3 will be coming out soon, stay tuned!-