Wizard's Extinction: Season 4 Prologue

Many days have passed since the defeat of the Marauder Organization and the Alien species from the moon, ever since then, humans have learned to accept the wizards back into the society after their concealment from society.


Three young cheerful wizards all roamed around an abandoned construction site.

“Why did they stop building this?”
One of the boys spoke.

“Not enough funds, sketchy business not even the workmen wanted to get involved with…”
Another replied.

“However, those dumbasses forgot to take their equipment before they left, could get money, or perhaps information to dive deeper into the lore of what happened here 2 years ago.”
The last boy spoke.

The three walked down hallways, as their flashlights lit up the rooms.

A boy yelled.

A little mice run underneath the exposed floorboard.

“Ah fuck, this place gives me the creeps.”
The same boy exhaled.

“Of a rodent?”
One of them laughed.

All of the boys entered an office with the computer still powered on.

“Press Enter to open Laboratory”
The computer’s blue screen had the white words on the bottom left corner.

Once they pressed Enter, steam emerged behind them as a secret door opened.

“Jimmy, take the files in this room, Milton and I will head inside, if somebody appears, run.”
Steve spoke.

The two boys jumped over a bed that blocked their way from the main room, once they entered, they saw a tank with a tall, zombie like creature.

“Holy shit, is that a Ripper?”
Milton went infront of Steve.

Steve tugged his shoulders.

“Oh, they’re just experiments made by The Marauder Organization to hunt down wizards, strange thing is that they should all be destroyed…are they being used for something-”
Milton would be caught off guard by screaming in the Office.

Steve yelled down the dark hallway.

The same hallways lights started shattering, as growling began nearing closer, the first thing they saw coming from the darkness, were bright-white teeth.

A zombified Jimmy screamed at them as his jaw became slightly dislocated…And began to attack…

“Wait, no, no, Aauh!~”
Milton would be jumped on and would have his neck mauled by Jimmy as Steve ran pass them and through the office.

“Fuck, Fuck!”
Steve sprinted out of the office.

Steve found himself in a different hallway with a door at the end and slowly approached it.

Lightbulbs began breaking.

Steve looked behind himself and ran the opposite way.

The broken lights continued breaking towards Steve as he raced towards the door.

Steve slammed open the door to see a group of people in suits infront of him.

“What the hell?”
Steve yelled.

Both the zombified Milton and Jimmy leaped towards Steve.

“Music Magic!”
One of the suited man with the only difference being he wore sunglasses began blasting at them.

The zombies ears began bleeding as they fell onto the floor with the man walking towards them, he then picked them off the floor with his two hands and broke their necks, killing them both.

Steve looked at the corpses of his dead friends.

“Just our little science experiment.”
The man in the sunglasses kneeled down to be leveled with Steve on the floor.

“Take him away!”
The sunglassed man spoke.

“Fire Blast!”
Steve tried blasting the man.

He would dodge it by absorbing the magic back into his palms and knocked Steve out with a elbow jab.

“Where to, Alasair?”
Another suited man spoke to him.

Alastair removed his sunglasses to reveal yellow, dragon eyes.

“Test Chambers…”
Alastair spoke.

-To Be Continued-

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Bam, an introduction to Season 4.

This season will contain some horror elements, but won’t strive too far from the action, comedy and story-telling this series knows too well.

Thanks for Reading!